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Dem Rep. Sounds the Alarm: ‘It’s Tightening Here in Michigan…Autoworkers Who I Thought Were Voting For Biden Told Me They’re Voting For Trump’

The polling companies have been an important part of the news cycle for decades, well at least until 2016. Their business model and polling analytics were more accurate when the two parties were not as divided, before ANTIFA & BLM activists and when most Americans used home phones.

Just like 2016, using their old methodology, the polls are showing Donald Trump losing big time on election day. As we know, the real vote came in electing Trump to the Presidency.

What has changed is the fluid nature of the voters, now using cell phones only and the increasing group of Trump supporters who will not answer or answer honestly when polled in fear of retribution, but will vote for him privately.

What has not changed is the wishful thinking of liberal pollsters who over sample democrats in their numbers, allowing them to publish polls encouraging the left while hoping to discourage the right.

on Thursday Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell (MI)  sounded the alarm telling CNN’s Dana Bash, “It’s tightening here in Michigan.”

“Yesterday, I had some of the autoworkers, who I thought were going to go back to Joe Biden, were very clear with me…they’re voting for President Trump,” Dingell said as she stuttered.

Autoworkers in Michigan support president Trump because he got rid of jobs-killing NAFTA.

Biden also mistreated the auto plant workers in Detroit earlier this year.

In March before the Covid lockdowns, Biden traveled to Detroit and snapped at auto plant workers who confronted him on his anti-2A stance.

Biden snapped at an auto plant worker in March and told him he’s “full of s**t.”

With Joe’s unforced errors and disrespect of the average voter, many who have seen the jobs coming back to Michigan from President Trump’s economic policies, have moved over to solidify Trump’s position for November 3rd.

Republican Senate candidate has also enjoyed a recent bump and would be a huge pick up for the GOP.

MI Oct 2020 Senate Poll

John James 48.0%
Gary Peters 46.6%
Someone Else 2.8%
Undecided 2.5%
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