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Dem Candidate Drops Out After Media Covers her Sadistic Behavior, Progressive PAC “Run For Something” Fails

An independent journalist who has been covering the riots around the country and who has chronicled the activities of a loosely formed group of violent “protesters” named Antifa, posted about a radical Democrat Candidate for City Council in Dupage County Ill, who was boasting about her enjoyment of watching footage of a police officer being attacked during a violent uprising in Portland, while the Federal Officer protected the Federal Court House.

Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz posted about the incident on Twitter,from Ngo’s post and started a firestorm of media attention:

Andy Ngo  posted that the Candidate  has now dropped out, showing the power of Independent Media, and proving Ngo’s opinion is right when he says that the Mainstream Media is giving the left cover which allows them to coniue their Anti-Amerian acts.

“A Democratic candidate for the DuPage County board withdrew from the race after apologizing for a tweet in which she said she laughed repeatedly at a video of a law enforcement officer getting hit in the face with a projectile.

Twenty-year-old Hadiya Afzal attracted national attention and said she was targeted by a “harassment campaign” after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz posted on Twitter that her comment was “Hateful & sick,” the Chicago Tribune posted.

We covered the story HERE.

Afzal’s campaign boasted number high profile endorsements including most of DC’s highest profile radicals.

Radical left Senator or ILL Dick Durbin, and Run For Something, a PAC with ties to Former Sec, of State, Hillary Clinton, who describe themselves on their site as,”Run for Something works exclusively with progressive Millennials and Gen-Zers running for local office for the first or second time.”

Afzal’s focus was going to be on transforming the suburbs, according to her campaign site, ““The suburbs are incredibly important in the fight to mitigate carbon emissions and it’s time to not only acknowledge that but act on it by electing climate progressives at the local level.”

Much of Afzal’s social media has been deleted or locked down, after she posted a statement declaring herself the victim and a target of racist harassment.


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