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Deep State Blues! Democrats Lament Failure to Turn Texas Blue: ‘What the F**k Is Happening?’

I have said for years that immigration, education, and secularism would destroy the United States Of America, not a foreign power.

With an open border, excessive chain migration, H1B VISAS and high birthrates from illegal aliens, their children naturalized even though parents here illegally, multiple states have gone from Red to Purple and some soon Blue.

Arizona with its 111 percent increase in immigration population numbers, finally flipped Blue in 2020. Both US Senate seats for Joe Biden. Georgia is likely to flip for Joe Biden this year but unsure right now on their 2 Senate seats both coming up in runoffs.

Th big prize the left has been targeting is the lone star state of Texas.

Tens of millions of dollars have poured in from the liberal enclaves of Silicon Valley and Hollywood hoping to flip Texas. If ever successful will permanently remove any chance for the GOP to get to the needed 270 electoral college votes.

Many in the media were reporting 2020 would finally be the year the excessive population increase from liberals transferring into the state with their employers plus children of illegal aliens reaching voting age, would flip the state from Red to Blue.

It did not happen and Texas Democrats are trying to regroup after failing to make gains at nearly every level despite their belief they would turn the state blue during last week’s presidential election.

Via Breitbart

“I remember sitting [in] the office, putting my hands on my temples and saying, ‘what the f— is happening?’” Progress Texas executive director Ed Espinoza recalled of watching the votes come in on election night.

A Democrat strategist who worked on down-ballot races told the Hill it was “pretty clear at this point that we were wrong about what the environment would look like. And I don’t think it was just us.”

“Our polling showed the same thing national polling showed, and ultimately Republican polling too, which was that Trump was going to lose 7 to 10 points off of his 2016 margins in Texas and across the country. That didn’t happen,” the strategist explained.

President Trump made big gains in traditionally Democrat-held counties on or near the Texas border on November 3 while Joe Biden lost more counties than nearly any Democrat candidate in the state’s history, a political consultant told Breitbart News.

“There is a systematic bias in the Democrat world that pigeonholes people into voting certain ways,” said Dave Carney, chief political consultant for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. “There is a belief that if more Latinos voted, more Democrats would get elected.”

Voters in the region turned out, thanks to President Trump delivering on his promises regarding economic growth and border security, according to Carney.

“Trump’s performance with Latino voters was impressive. In many counties, he doubled his 2016 turnout,” he noted.

In addition, Republicans kept their majority in the Texas House, maintained control of the Texas Senate, the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Railroad Commission.

“They’re really good salesmen. But they’re clearly not using good data because they lose and they lose and they lose,” GOP strategist Corbin Casteel said of Democrats.

“Texas is absolutely still a red state, and all you need to do is look at all these contested House races that Democrats were spending all this money to try to flip,” Casteel concluded.

Don’t think the left has given up, 2024 will be here soon and unless the GOP figures out how to change the way Texas is trending, could be the election cycle to shock America.

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