Something wicked is happening in Wake County, North Carolina, and parents need to quickly get themselves up to speed on Critical Race Theory. How far advanced their school has gone down the path of debasing their child’s pride in themselves, in their family, in their country, and their parents.

This Saturday I attended, online a PTA meeting held by the Equity office of Wake County Public Schools, and while I have screenshots and video of what I am about to tell you, the purpose of these articles not to humiliate anyone, but to see if a discussion can be opened between the members of this frightening Critical Race Theory and the public.  Let us see if we can stop the invasion of Wake County Public Schools for the good of the children because people are being betrayed, and children are being harmed.


“It is dangerous to a child to not listen to what they want. When parents are not supportive or affirming, they are causing the child to be suicidal. Where is there confidentiality? People should consider in that case going to, or send the child to the librarian,” one of the PTA members said to the teacher who asked the question about how to help her student who wants a pronoun the parents will not agree to.


In a breakout meant to build bridges between the PTA and Trangenderd families, what I heard and saw and have confirmed with another observer ( and which I have on video), is members of the school and members of the PTA talking about disregarding parent’s beliefs and commands about addressing their children with pronouns that represent transgenderism, and to uphold what the child wants bypassing parent’s concerns.


It is the most shocking and egregious betrayal of trust that ever could unfold; teachers are marginalizing parents and making decisions about the mental health of a minor that may or may not know anything about.

At the breakout, a young educator, who I believe could not hold up to public security, spoke about their beliefs about being transgendered in a plea for more understanding for transgender youth. Ok, fine.  However, the breakout turned into what looked like a recruiting session when a one concerned citizen asked a question.

A white male wanted clarification on something and was mocked, put off, and then was forcibly removed from the meeting twice. I have that recorded. I found him and have also spoken with him to confirm his questions.


He wanted to know if you had considered any tests or polls that were outside of your bias that “all children must have their beliefs affirmed.” He said that he had seen studies that showed young people would outgrow feelings of gender confusion after a period of time if they were not pressured by social media or information about medical treatments. He asked if anyone had seen those studies. He was rejected and not affirmed.

After the man was removed, the comments two of us heard from this transgender breakout were that a teacher wanted to use a child’s transgender pronouns and if a parent would not relent and allow teachers to use those preferred pronouns, to just do it anyway.

Why was he removed? Why were his concerns not address?  Because he is White?  Because he is a man? What are you doing to America?

We both heard, “Parents don’t need to be informed of everything” and also to send that child to the librarian for some resources, without the consent of the parents.

One mental health therapist chimed in that parents didn’t need to know if a child was called a nickname, so why should they know if the teacher is using a transgender pronoun?

What I observed today is wrong.  The teachers know it is wrong; everyone involved knows what happened on Saturday in the Transgender 101 breakout. The taxpaying public and parents need to understand what is happening.  In my articles, I attempt to keep names and images concealed unless the people involved have already been online, but I promise you, I have more.

This PTA meeting with the Equity Affairs Department happens on the same day that the Department of Public Instruction has removed teacher training on CRT, instead of answering questions about their leftist indoctrination of teachers, leading them to disrupt classes, schools, families, and school districts.

School members, PTA members, I ask you, why you pretend to be concerned about students and want to build bridges to parents, as long as the parents are exactly who you personally affirm, and then betray other parents, who are trusting you with the most precious relationship of their lives, their children.

You are biased.  You are racist.  You are collecting public tax money, and you are harming children.

I got out of Community Organizing/ Social Work because of the lies they were feeding me about Americans. I expect better from you. Newly immigrated parents in that meeting were confused about why they were there.

Imagine when they start to find out from you your version of America is that it is just a criminal racist place. That will fill their hearts with joy, no doubt.

You are exploiting people. I could write articles on this for days. I prefer you straighten up instead. Who are you serving? Who do you answer to? Why do you believe your version of our society is more important than the American parents who pay your paycheck and trust you with their kids?