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Dear Leftists-RINOS All Of This Political Theater Is For You, Now We Want A Divorce

A letter to the RINOs.

Dear Leftists-RINOS- we need to talk. Let’s not sugarcoat this. There is no time left for playing nice. This isn’t about Trump. This is about you.

It is not us; it’s you. We didn’t change what we believed was important; you just lied about who you are.

We are not in the talking stages anymore about our ‘unity and brotherhood.’ We are in the stage of sending you the notarized documents-that it’s over. We are out. We want a divorce from you. There is nothing to save.

We want nothing to do with you anymore, for any reason.

We used to think that denial was the most powerful force in the universe- except there is something even potent- and that is choice.

You have chosen to destroy America and our civil liberties. You are the reason we have this national circus and constant political theater. It is all for your benefit- to keep you on the plantation, and it works on you- because you choose for it to work on you.

We have been in denial about you ever-changing. You are not capable of changing.

We are going to choose to leave this fantasy that we love America the same. You hate America, we accept it.

We are no longer going to deny that there is something very wrong with you and you are flawed beyond a sane level. Who has freedom and demands to live in oppression? Not us- but you do.

Fundamentally we have nothing in common.

Perhaps we never shared the same appreciation for freedom and liberty in the first place. It feels like you are begging to be enslaved and ruled over. We will never be able to accept that.

No matter how comfortable you make slavery, we are not going to submit to it because we are free people in our hearts, minds, body and souls.

All of this political theater over the last six years, covering the various hoaxes of the alphabet agencies, is for your benefit because you support the people who are putting on these bread and circuses.

You cheer for petty little morons to be your overlords. You are broken people.

The Government is out of control, as we have seen all week -and you are the ones who gave these crazy people this power over the country and over all our futures.

They are controlling our finances. They control our children’s futures. They control our rights- and that is your fault. You want to give everything away for the pleasure of being a slave.

It is disgusting.

We have watched you celebrate a Tyrant uprising in Washington DC over the past 6 years because President Donald J. Trump had ‘orange skin,’ which is sheer lunacy on your part. You sided with lunatics.

You may have never deserved your freedom in the first place- with how little you concern yourselves over reality and over being a grown-up.

You have done this to your country, to your friends, and to your family. A well-armed and weaponized IRS is what you have built. Have you thought about that? They are not going to give you a hall pass either.

Your name will be on the same lists as ours.

The FBI has attacked someone you have been conditioned to hate, and you don’t even really know why you hate him. You don’t stop to ask any questions about it. You are not of sound mind.

And you are not questioning any of the propaganda you have been fed, you are just buying it up.

That is why it is over, and we have accepted it and accepted that it is time to go on without you in our future plans.

November is coming fast. You may be surprised how many Democrats will come to our side because what you are demanding for America is the exact pile of garbage that people crossed oceans and fought wars- for hundreds of years to get out of.

Not all Democrats are as eager as you are to work harder for less and have nothing to leave for our children but a huge pile of hopelessness.

You may not even be human if you prefer to live as slaves and leave your children worse off than you – yourself lived.

We see you as monsters.

After November, we can only hope you all will leave the country.

Most of America.

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