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DC Mayor Bowser Bans Unvaxxed Students from Schools

The radicalized progressive left are extremists. The Democrat Party has been overtaken by this extremist ideology. These ruling-class elites are pushing for complete control of American society.

By implementing destructive policies, they are destroying the nation. It is a diabolical scheme to transform the U.S. into a socialistic country that mirrors China.

Anyone suggesting that the virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, let alone if China intentionally released COVID-19, is labeled a radical conspiracy theorist. Mounds of evidence have since surfaced that proves these experts may have been right all along.

Regardless of how or where a novel coronavirus came from, the liberal left has found a weapon to use against everyday people. Liberal bureaucrats used fearmongering to take advantage of Draconian types of mandates and policies.

The progressive left has also been able to make hundreds of their wealthiest donors even richer. Early in the pandemic, it was proposed that a vaccine could be developed to prevent people from getting sick. The vaccine was rapidly approved and hailed as a saving grace.

However, it has been nothing short of an abject failure. The virus may, in fact, open a window into the human immune system that makes people more prone to catching COVID-19. There have also been a number of dangerous side effects discovered.

But the liberalized medical and scientific bureaucrats have continued to push the “vaccinate or else” mindset. Even the left’s own “science” shows that mandating the vaccine is no longer necessary. In fact, it’s negligence to suggest that it is.

Vaccinating one particular segment of the population has been a constant debate. To begin with, children are rarely susceptible to COVID-19. Second, the side effects and potential health risks to young children outweigh the benefit of being vaccinated.

So, logic would suggest that “the science” says to use extreme caution when giving children a hastily approved medicine. We really don’t know the long-term effects of these vaccines on young children. But that’s not the way the radical left is thinking.

They want to exercise control over every facet of American life. A great place to start is with young children. While most venues have yet to suggest mandatory vaccines for kids, leftist Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser thinks otherwise.

Muriel Bowser is a tyrant. She thirsts for power. Bowser found within the pandemic. D.C. leveled some of the most senseless lockdown policies and mandates of any city in the nation. D.C. has suffered. Bowser does not care. Likewise, Muriel Bowser doesn’t care about children either.

With zero scientific evidence to support mandatory vaccines for school children and evidence that it’s probably a terrible idea, Mayor Bowser is ordering kids to get the vaccine. There will be no discussion. Again, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is a tyrant.

Bowser has ordered every D.C. school district student over the age of 12 to be vaccinated. If parents do not consent to giving their children an unnecessary and poorly researched medical procedure, their children cannot go to school.

Muriel Bowser says that all students 12 years of age and older must show proof of vaccination against within the first 20 days of the new school year. If they do not, these students will be forbidden to continue learning in-person. This mandate includes public and private schools.

As with every liberal COVID policy, do as you’re told and shut up. There will be no discussion. Furthermore, no alternative has been given for students who refuse to be vaccinated. Again, there will be no discussion. Take your shot or find another way to continue your education.

The initial announcement suggests that there will be “no school” for the unvaccinated. Bowser said, “We’re not offering remote learning for children, and families will need to comply with what is necessary to come to school.” This is a power grab that’s happening all over the world.

It’s either comply with the order or figure out a way to educate your children on your own. Unfortunately, that is not an option for a large percentage of families, especially in large, Democrat-run cities. These tyrants see another avenue to take control of people’s lives.

However, Muriel Bowser is targeting the most cherished and susceptible: our children. When will Americans wake up and realize what COVID-19 really is? It’s a convenient sickness that allows the ruling-class elite to control us. This is a liberal power grab. It’s nothing more.

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