Parler went back online on Monday after numerous highs and lows for young and upcoming social media platform.  During the purge of President Donald J. Trump in January, Parler had been destroyed by Amazon who claimed the site was “unsafe” because of the Trump supporters on the site, and left the free speech platform without a server. Then the board for the company fired their CEO and come back online to a temped response from former users. And now they have banned a high-profile “MAGA” personality for offensive speech.

“I’m not a fan of Milo, but less than 24 hours back—‘Pro-Free Speech” Parler starts banning people?,” one poster wrote on Twitter in reaction to the news.

Most people know that Mark Meckler the new CEO is not a fan of Trump’s.

Gateway Pundit reported on Milo’s banning:

“Parler went live for many users on Monday, after being offline for roughly a month after Amazon dropped them from their hosting platform.

The platform became a major target for the cancel brigade, who were unhappy that the people they got banned from mainstream platforms were finding a new home where they could reach people who wanted to hear from them.”

But if you were thinking Parler would support free speech you’d be wrong. Mark Meckler immediately banned Milo Yiannopoulos for making an offensive joke.

In a statement on Monday, Sky Silk Cloud , the CEO Kevin Matossian said he does not “advocate of condoning hate”, and talked about the anticipated heavy moderation of its posters.

PBS reported on Parler and wrote:

“Parler limped back to life on Monday with a new Web host, retooled community guidelines and a promise that content inciting violence will be removed.

The change follows Amazon Web Services’ unusual step in January of refusing to host Parler over a pattern of violent and hateful posts that the site allegedly refused to take down. Parler has challenged Amazon’s termination of service by suing in federal court.

Since then, Parler has been in crisis. There have been mixed messages from people aligned with the company about when exactly it would be back online. Parler’s board fired the site’s CEO and replaced him. Then, on Monday, Parler was revived, though the announcement even caught some close to the company by surprise.

For Parler users, the relaunch has been anything but smooth. The website appears to be operating at a snail’s pace for people accessing it by computer. The site is not accepting new users. On mobile phones, Parler does not seem to be working at all.”

The reboot has not gone well at all. The new CEO, Mark Mecker is a throwback from the Tea Party Days and has not always been fond of President Donald J. Trump.“We run robust, sustainable, totally independent technology from Big Tech.” The official relaunch of #Parler carries forward the vision of protecting #FreeSpeech in a way that is “more firm and entrenched than ever before,” said interim CEO Mark Meckler. “Social media network Parler has relaunched today on a new tech platform with@MarkMeckler
, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, as CEO. Parler had a claimed 20m users when it was taken offline in January by former platform Amazon Web Services for breaching its terms of service,” The Index on Censorship wrote.  It is beginning to look like Parler is a bad cover song of Twitter, if they are going to be the same as Twitter, and not even be as good as Twitter, why bother?

UPDATE: Looks like Milo’s profile has been reinstated on the platform, however…it seems the damage has already been done.