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‘Dangerous’ US Senate Hearing on Voter Integrity Shakes Democrats to Anger

Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, held a Senate oversight hearing on Wednesday on election “irregularities,” saying there are “legitimate questions” about the way the election was administrated in Wisconsin and other states, and Democrats were furious.

Johnson opened up by saying, ” this hearing should not be controversial and everyone should want to get to the bottom of this because a large portion of the American people is skeptical, and that started with the hyper-partisan around the 2016 election,” Johnson said, claiming this was his last hearing. “We must instill confidence in our election system. That is what good oversight should do. The Democrats have instead decided to attack me personally,” Johnson said.

One angry exchange between Johnson and Sen. Peters, well after the witnesses opening statements, by the ranking chairman of the oversight committee Sen. Peters, who hates the hearing, heated up the media’s interest in the hearing with the following exchange:

Johnson was on fire:

Sen. Peters was first to speak after Johnson’s opening, and reaction to Peter’s behavior was interesting:

“I don’t see anything dangerous with information,” Johnson said when Peters was done with his tirade, who spoke from behind his thick mouth covering in muffled and angry tones, and asked to have his conspiracy theories added to the public record.


DC Establishment spent the days and hours in the runup to the hearing discrediting Johnson and throwing temper tantrums that Johnson would be so bold as to investigate the concerns of over 70 million Americans, who personally felt there was something amiss in the 2020 Presidential Election.

CNN Led the charge to detract from Johnson’s mission to serve the country:

According the Schedule the list of Witnesses are:

  • The Honorable Kenneth W. StarrTestifying in Personal Capacity
  • The Honorable Donald PalmerCommissionerU.S. Election Assistance Commission
  • James R. TroupisAttorney Troupis Law Firm
  • The Honorable Francis X. RyanState RepresentativeCommonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Jesse R. BinnallPartnerHarvey & Binnall, PLLC
  • The Honorable Christopher C. KrebsFormer Director (2018-2020) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security AgencyU.S. Department of Homeland Security


Ken Starr spoke in his personal capacity about the problem with dishonesty and distrust upon the electoral process and the American people. “We had the expansion of Mail-in Ballots, and there was an attempt to deny the presidency to Abraham Lincoln, and that was done with mail-in ballots, so we should look at this seriously, Starr said.

Commissioner Donald Palmer, a former Virginia election official appointed in 2018 by President Trump, to the federal Election Assistance Commission, certified and set the guidelines for voting machines. Palmer spoke about “Comprehensive Oversight of voting systems” and said he wanted to “bolster confidence in the American people,” Palmer said.

Attorney James Troupis talked about absentee voting in Wisconsin “In Wisconsin, we must be vigilant over absentee and mail-in ballots, so it is very starting forward that the state of Wisconsin Carter and uniquely we can examine the envelopes where the ballots came from, with the real names we found altered and incomplete certificates that have to be done under our law, we found more than 3,000 that were clearly invalid under the law but were counted. We found that 2,000 ballots had no initials by cleaned by where counted. We do not allow advanced voting, and the city of Madison 5 weeks before the election, and boxes on corners with ballots just thrown in, and our laws are clear. Yet, 17,000 and tens of thousands more due to comingling, so we couldn’t identify ballots. 28,000 people who said they couldn’t get to the polls, and without any application, and we have 200,000 votes that got counted and should not have,”Troupis said.

Rep. Francis Ryan of Pennsylvania talked about the mail-in ballots for the election in PA, “the controls were undermined to protect the vote by expanding on laws around mail-in ballots, treating safeguards to fraud as double standards to in-person voting. Watchers were not allowed for the mail-in ballot process, there were so many issues with the mail-in ballot process that we can not rely upon those votes as legitimate. Recently a new data shows that over 75,000 ballots were just added to the totals without any confirmation of where they came from. We need to review the transition log of number ballots including over 1,000 of people whose age is over 105 years old,” Ryan said.

Attorney Jesse Binnall attorney for Trump in Nevada, said “Voters had their voices blocked out by fraudulent votes, AB4 provided for universal mail-in voting that undermines security, because of ab 4 from 70,000 to 690,000 and the election was riddled with fraud. Our team chased down every led and what we found. Over 42,000 voted more than once. 1,500 dead people voted. 19,000 out of state people. 8,000 people voted from non-existent addresses. 15,000 votes from commercial or vacant addresses. 4,000 noncitizens voted. We id 130,000 unique instances of fraud but it is higher than that. We have two eyewitnesses who separately told us that vote change numbers changed, and we are not allowed to investigate. Gift cards, televisions from the campaign’s pressure on marginalized communities,” Binnall said.

Christopher Krebs director of CISA testified, “Many federal partners gave us the safest election. We had an agreement to not let 2016 to happen again. We phased out machines without paper ballots to prevent attacks on our democracy. We had an analysis center, scanning for vulnerabilities and employing censors. We had to stop hacks and stop persistent rumor hacks. I have no doubt this was a secure election,” Krebs said.


Johnson pointed out that in Arizona Biden led by 20,000 votes, yet there was a question of 200,000 fraudulent votes. That in Wisconsin, where there has been “high transparency” and in the 2020 election that the Biden campaign didn’t say that concerns were wrong about the fraud, but that they “should not be heard”. The same techniques were discussed as told by leaders in Nevada. “We were not fully considered, they just refused to look and said we didn’t have the right to be heard.”

Johnson talked about how the voting machines being connected to the internet with Krebs. “It doesn’t matter if they are connected when you have the paper receipts,” Krebs said. “Talk to the possibility of the fraud if they were connected, can people change the controls. speak to the computer allegations,” Johnson said.

Krebs said “Yes there are machines online, as a best practice the vote tabulators should not be online,” Krebs said. Security is in place, and you can not hack paper.”

Sen. Peters continued on in his assault on the hearing itself and upon Johnson, Trump and the American people and blamed everything on Russia.

Johnson slammed Peters for his hysteria, leading to the most heated moment yet.

Watch the hearing here:

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