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D.C. Lobbies: Cut Inflation by Importing Cheaper Workers to Take American Jobs

Progressives and big business advocates are saying one of the best ways to cut the Biden inflation is to bring in cheap foreign labor to take American jobs because they are willing to work for less. I find this to be very funny since it is the same progressives who supported unions who dr5ove wages higher and are still pushing for a minimum wage of at least $15 dollars an hour.

I do see one upside to this is if they import teachers whom Randy Weingarten doesn’t control. Schools in other countries appear to be an improvement over the ones we have because they actually teach.

That could really improve this country. But, throwing Americans out of good-paying jobs with Google and Facebook seems like a losing proposition for the country.

Where could the displaced go and how much of a pay cut would they have to take?

A CNN report says:

“One of the driving forces behind inflation is the shortage of workers … And yet immigration has fallen sharply in recent years amid the pandemic and tougher immigration policies during the Trump administration. Comprehensive immigration reform, which Biden could forcefully advocate for, would help ease the shortage of workers and thus the inflationary pressures, economists say.”

And what effect on the economy would there be with tens of thousands of Americans losing highly paid jobs in the technology sector? There are just so many McDonald’s managerial jobs to go around. But, Democrats will always advocate for massive immigration in order to dilute the American principles that we all grew up with in order to pave a way for socialism.

From Breitbart News

But that bill would allow government and business executives to also import millions of new workers and consumers who will reduce productivity and drive down wages while also spiking inflation in housing prices.

A columnist at noted November 21 that the big-spending bill is not intended to curb inflation:

The truth is that the Democrats aren’t pursuing this spending bill in the spirit of meeting a pressing national objective. They’re just trying to cram as much of the progressive agenda as they can get through Congress before Republicans can end their control of it in the next election. That’s not the kind of advertising pitch likely to work on the public, though. And so we have ended up with the president pretending that this bill is his big idea to whip inflation.

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