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D.C. Jail Transfers Out 400 Prisoners for Disgusting, Inhumane Conditions—But Not a Single J6 Political Prisoner

I previously wrote about a letter written by the political prisoner, Nathan DeGrave, who wrote about the mistreatment and terrible conditions they were being kept in.

What he described seemed almost unbelievable, but I did believe him.

Prior to his letter, another J6 political prisoner had sued because of the terrible conditions and the fact he needed wrist surgery and they withheld it.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth found that “jail officials ‘abused’ the civil rights of the defendant, Christopher Worrell,” He held the jail warden, Wanda Patten, and D.C. Corrections Director Quincy Booth in contempt of court.

He then had inspectors go into the prison for an unannounced inspection and it was found that the conditions were worse than anyone could have imagined. The entire prison was a health hazard.

The surprise inspection by Lamont J. Ruffin, the acting marshal for U.S. District Court in Washington led to the transfer of 400 prisoners from the jail. Not surprisingly, not a single one of the J6 political prisoners were transferred.

Remember, many of them are being held without bail on misdemeanors. A fitting punishment would be 6 months in jail for contempt of court, to be served in the same prison as the J6 detainees, with observers making sure they get the same treatment as the J6 political prisoners.

According to the Washington Post, the inspection found “evidence of systemic mistreatment of detainees, including unsanitary living conditions and the punitive denial of food and water,” just like DeGrave’s letter claimed. Not only that, but the officials found “large amounts of standing human sewage… in the toilets of multiple occupied cells,” and staff members were observed “antagonizing detainees” and “directing detainees to not cooperate” with the inspectors.

From PJ Media

Ruffin’s letter, sent to multiple law enforcement agencies and judges, said there was “evidence of drug use” and that “the facility had a strong smoke and odor of marijuana.” Ruffin went on to report that “the smell of urine and feces was overpowering in many locations” while “food delivery and storage” were not sufficient. “Hot meals were observed served cold and congealed,” he wrote.

The letter also corroborated another allegation in DeGrave’s letter stating that “detainees had observable injuries with no corresponding medical or incident reports,” and that “water and food appeared to be withheld from detainees for punitive reasons.”

But why won’t the J6 detainees— the ones who alerted the authorities to the terrible conditions— be moved?

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