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CULTURE CRASH: Kentucky Fried Chicken Makes a ‘Christmas Movie’ About Seduction- 2020 Ends in a Bang

Just when you thought that 2020 might end quietly, promoting imagines of holidays masks and social distancing in a pandemic shutdown celebration over champagne, a Lifetime ‘Christmas’ movie about Kentucky Fried Chicken and ‘seduction’ is available on Lifetime Network to bewilder what is left of your logical mind.

“Mark your calendars because Lifetime and @KFC have partnered for a Lifetime Original Mini-Movie you don’t want to miss! “A Recipe For Seduction” starring @MarioLopezviva premieres Sunday at 12PM,” lifetime posted on Twitter.

According to who reported on the Movie:

Kentucky Fried Chicken is getting into moviemaking, and it has partnered with Lifetime TV network to produce a minimovie involving the world-famous Colonel Sanders.

The minimovie — that also has promotional value for the brand — is titled “A Recipe for Seduction.” It’s a romantic drama in which Mario Lopez is cast as Colonel Harlan Sanders. He serves as a chef with a “secret recipe that’s going to change the world.”

Many people were confused by the movie which could result in great ratings for the network:

It will be on Lifetime – which is 24 Hours Christmas movies this month, so there is a “holiday theme”.

Here is a trailer:

Robotic News reported:

A Recipe For Seduction: The Internet is Mesmerized by This Lifetime-KFC Movie Crossover Starring Mario Lopez Okay, look. 2020 has been very strange for…a lot of reasons. But even as the year is weeks away from ending, Lifetime and KFC decided to seriously up the weirdness ante and give the world something that’s making the Twitterverse do a collective spit-take.

The entertainment network released a trailer and movie poster on Monday to announce the upcoming premiere of a KFC-based short film called A Recipe For Seduction, with Mario Lo.rtraying Colonel Harland Sanders. If you’re having a hard time believing what you’re seeing, no one could blame you for that, though KFC is all in for this: Here’s how the movie describes its plot: The film is only supposed to be 15 minutes long, so it may very well boil down to a new marketing campaign on KFC’s part. Nonetheless, here’s how KFC Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Zahumensky explained this…thing, via CinemaBlend:

“As the holidays draw near, a young heiress contends with the affections of a suitor handpicked by her mother,” Lifetime wrote in a description of the film. “When the handsome chef, Harland Sanders, arrives with his secret fried chicken recipe and a dream, he sets in motion a series of events that unravels the mother’s devious plans.”

Jessica, the “young heiress,” will either escape to live “happily ever after” with Colonel Sanders or give in to her family, according to Lifetime’s description of the film.

Lifetime and KFC have put together a trailer and a movie poster for the film, which is only set to be 15 minutes long, according to Entertainment Weekly. It will debut Sunday at noon, Lifetime said.

The movie follows in an interesting advertising campaign.

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