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Cuban Government Making Rat Meat Seem Like a Healthy Alternative To Good Eating

"guinea pig" by Dan Nevill is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The same socialism that Bernie Sanders and AOC constantly tell us is the end all be all in the answer to all of our problems one way or another, always comes down to being forced to eat some kind of rat.  You probably have never heard of this, because you live in a country that doesn’t have massive amounts of starving people due to socialist policies. Yet.

In Chile, during the socialism of the 1970s, it was not uncommon to see canned rat meat imported from Communist China on the shelves in grocery stores.

Now it’s happening in Cuba.  But, but, but, but Cuba is a socialist paradise, right?  Right???

Breitbart’s Frances Martel, one of my favorite writers on foreign affairs, detailed what’s going on:

In an alleged attempt to promote nutritious eating on Tuesday, a news broadcast on Tele Mayabeque, a Communist Party-approved network, revealed that the Castro regime had organized a meeting with chefs to design meals featuring guinea pig meat. The broadcast also encouraged Cubans to “socialize the experience of raising the guinea pig” by the entire family.

Cuban officials, the reporter explained, sought to promote the alleged health benefits of eating rodents “to incorporate this animal protein to the family table.”

“According to the experts, the average protein content [of guinea pig] is 19 percent, superior to porcine and bovine meat. Its consumption is a clear ally against anemia and malnutrition,” the reporter claimed.

The guinea pig is a South American rat.  Sure, they’re cuddly and cute in a cage in your daughter’s bedroom, but they’re now dinner in socialist havens that have run out of meat, because they are socialist havens.

To make eating rodent vermin more culinarily acceptable, the Cuban government has ask some Cuban chefs to come up with new meal designs around guinea pig as a core protein.  Eleven dishes were designed by one bragging chef who admitted that due to time restraints was unable to fulfill all ideas such as rodent hamburgers and meatballs.

And I bet the Cuban elite will look down on the lower class for not being able to afford the luxury of eating rat stroganoff.  My God, what will it take for the socialists to see that their ideas are horrific?

The first problem for Cubans is mountain rat is not Cuban food.  It’s not on any human’s delicacy list.  Cuban food is now pretty much unavailable in the communist island nations, thanks to the mismanagement of socialist policies.  But they have great healthcare, right?  Right???

The Cuban food list is made up of mostly cattle and pig, while guinea pig meat is cheaper rodent meat being beefed up (pun intended) by the socialist government as some sort of alternative to real Cuban food since the government can no longer provide real Cuban food.  But I’ll bet President Miguel Diaz-Canel eats beef and steak nearly every night.

Like all socialist economies that are run top down, the Cuban government will even screw this up.  Since guinea pig is not native to the island, the government will need to import it from some other place.  And since central planners always screw things up by mismanagement, screwing up supply chains and blocking any flexibility needed when conditions change, there will soon be shortages of even rat meat.

Dumbbells like AOC probably said as a kid, “When I grow up I want to be a socialist,” and her parents never told her that you can’t do both.

Why on Lucifer’s black beach would our Democratic Party want to foist the same dangerous type policies onto the American people?  Oh, they’ll tell you they don’t want to turn the United States into another Cuba or Venezuela by using the same exact policies as Cuba and Venezuela, but anyone with a brain can tell you that socialism kills no matter where it has ever been employed.

In the end, the Cuban government is now desperate to get some form of nutrition to the local population, since they pretty much closed down any productive private sector, and that was done before COVID-19 came along.  Don’t forget also that the Trump administration clamped down on Cuba after they harmed our diplomats and brutalized dissidents, while refusing to do the things that normal countries do to provide food.  Socialism sucks, because government socialists never want to admit they are wrong or that non-government socialists can do things better than them, so the people suffer.

So, the Cuban government not wanting to admit failure by socialism has a new motto:  Let them eat rat.

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