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Crypto Company Kraken’s CEO Offers Severance Pay For Triggered Woke Staffers [VIDEO]

Work is for work, not woke politics.

This is a story about a tech company CEO who is not afraid to push aside the woke nonsense assaulting our society in order to allow the rest of his employees to focus on doing their jobs. This CEO came up with a plan to offer “triggered” woke employees the freedom to leave his crypto trading company with a severance package consisting of four months pay.

Jesse Powell, CEO of the crypto exchange company, Kraken, told Fox Business that he wanted to bring back his company’s culture and restore the original mission to get rid of all the nonsense and distractions. He said that some employees just felt it was better if they “just moved on.”

“There was a huge amount of support for this move, huge amount of support for the company’s culture and mission and the reinforcement of those. And, I think everyone’s just ready to get back to work and stop being distracted,” the crypto CEO said, pointing out that a small number of employees were “creating distractions for the whole company.”

Powell went on to say that the company was not polluted with woke culture for about a decade, but once the crypto boom began, it seemed that employees who were being hired didn’t align with the original mission of the company. Leftist weirdos are like that with everything. They move in, and then attempt to take over everything and force everyone to conform to their culture. Powell wasn’t having any of that.

According to Powell, about 30 workers took the four months of severance pay out of over 3,000 employees. When asked what do you do if these people stay and still try to cause problems for the company, Powell said, “People will be managed out the hard way if that’s what it takes.”

“We’ve got people from more than 70 countries in the company that speak more than 50 languages. We’re incredibly diverse in many ways. I think that the problem that some people have is this diversity of thought,” said Powell.


[embedded content]

He is so right. When the woke Left talks about diversity, they’re only talking about checking off boxes that concern color, gender, gender identity, and race, never diversity in ideology, religion, or other beliefs. They all must be on the Left. Diversity in ideology is just as important as the other boxes.

On Kraken’s website, Powell published a restored mission statement to make it clear to staffers what the culture of his company is all about.

In the announcement, Powell reminds his employees why they are doing what they’re doing:

“What it means is it’s once again time to build. It’s time to remember why we’re doing this: The Mission of bringing financial freedom and inclusion to the billions of people suffering from financial exclusion, hyperinflation, and a broken system that disproportionately leaves the poor out in the cold. It’s time to think about taking more of your paycheck in bitcoin because the fundamentals have only improved. It’s time to ask, is there anything else we can do?”

Under Differences of Opinion:

“If nobody is ever offended, we either don’t have enough diversity of thought or we don’t have enough transparency in communication. We recognize that hurt feelings are inevitable in a global organization that is optimizing for team outcomes above individual sentiment. The ideal Krakenite is thick-skinned and well intentioned.”

“Whether they feel they cannot align with our culture and values, or for other reasons, we want everyone to be happy in their work. The transition program will always be available, and will allow people to have the time and resources needed to pursue the next chapter of their career.”

Powell, a self-avowed libertarian, made it clear that he doesn’t want employees who prefer their co-workers to “think like them.” That’s what leftists always do, and that’s what cancel culture is all about. Zero diversity in thought and belief systems are a recipe for failure.

According to Powell, the response from the employees was “overwhelmingly positive.”

More corporations should follow suit and they should now allow their companies to be taken over by a leftist woke culture that cares more about political ideology than doing the work they were hired to do. Hats off to Jesse Powell.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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