An explosive Senate hearing on Anti-Government extremism on Tuesday exposed the radical left’s own anti-Government beliefs when far-left radical Democrat Senator Maize Senator Hirono from Hawaii, stomped out of the hearing room after making a plea to ignore historic violent uprisings around the country, calling the “Freedom of Speech” and tried to shame the chairman for having the hearing.


“I am leaving,” Hirono said.


Jonathan Turley testified about Antifa and said,”It often appears that Antifa is either the new al Qaeda or the new “Big Foot.” President Trump wants Antifa classified as a terrorist organization while various Democratic politicians insist it is just a conservative phantom.”

Democrats insist that the uprisings are peaceful.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz humiliated Hirono as she barked at him off-mike after she shut off her mike, scolding him, saying that Republicans use deaths for making political points, defending Black Lives Matter.  “We have a pesky thing called Freedom of Speech, and we should all join hands and denounce violent extremism.  You are not listening, and I am not listening anymore. I am leaving,” Hirono said.

“She said nothing negative about Antifa,” Cruz said. “You’re welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now.”

Hirono refuses again. Walks out of the room.


It was a very serious hearing.

At the hearing it was explained that US Attorney General William Barr directed to two US Attorneys to lead a task force to combat violent Anti-American extremists of all persuasions, investigating anyone who seeks to harm America and find ways to disrupt events before they harm Americans.


Full opening statement:

What the White House is combatting is an increase in crimes and violent uprisings meant to help defund local police departments.


The United States Government established the interagency CVE Task Force to unify the domestic CVE effort. The Task Force brings together experts from DHS, DOJ, FBI, NCTC and policy guidance from non-security agencies to coordinate investments in and dissemination of research and analysis, enhance engagement and technical assistance to diverse stakeholders, support the development of innovative intervention models, and cultivate communications and digital strategies according to the Department of Homeland Security Task Force.




Journalist Andy Ngo, who has studied Antifa and other violent groups,  testified that Democrats refused to listen to the amount of violence that was unfolding.