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CRT Partisan Ibram X. Kendi Accidentally Tweeted Out Message That Refutes a Core Belief of Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is being taught in many public schools across the country and it’s stirring up a lot of anger and resentment across all walks of life. It’s one of those things you can attach to the Marxist movement. Pretty much anything with the term “critical” in front of it that is being proposed by a leftist is a Marxist work of study. A few decades ago they used to call studying Marxism “critical thinking.”

Marxism is an ideology that mostly attracts two types of people: displaced people who feel they have no power, and powerful people who exploit displaced people to gain even more power at their expense. The former think socialism/Marxism will even a playing field that they were told by the latter is rigged against them. Think angry college graduate who can’t find a job using his or her gender studies degree. What the former never figures out is that socialism is for the people, not the socialist.

A lot about Marxism is exploiting class differences, making people with less first jealous and then angry at anyone doing better than them. They are taught to think the rich should pay for everything that should be free for them. In a word, they are naïve. Another word would be stupid.

The logic behind critical race theory is confusing at best. It’s an aggressive form of reverse racism, and when taught in schools, it sets out to teach children to judge people based on their race while teaching white students that they should feel shame. Though that is what is observed of CRT, the proponents of the racist ideology will tell you it’s not true because you just don’t understand what CRT really is. That, and you’re a racist.

Ibram X. Kendi is one of CRT’s biggest supporters. He’s the famed author of “How To Be An Antiracist,” which, among other things, teaches that it’s no longer enough to be against racism and to teach your children to not be racist. Now, you have to seek out racism and stamp it out or; you guessed it, you’re a racist. If you are accused of being a racist and you deny it, CRT says that’s confirmation that you are a racist. And that only works if you’re white. There is no winning with CRT, only losing if you are not a member of the Marxist Woke Supremacy.

A Boston University professor, Kendi, who is a huge supporter of CRT, recently tweeted out an argument that defeated his own ideology. His tweet made no sense for a guy who believes racism is everywhere, and for CRT that’s okay, because most of it requires you to suspend your disbelief mechanism, anyway.

This time, he tweeted gobbledygook about how white students make false race claims on college entrance applications. The race hustling professor said that white students do this because it helps improve their chances of getting accepted into colleges. He also made the claim that for almost half of the applications, white students lied by claiming they were Native Americans. The only one I know of who did that is Chief Crazy B*tch, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Don’t forget that CRT teaches that all American institutions are systemically racist, and that would include Boston University and, I suppose, college professors who work there.

Kendi has since deleted his tweet, but since nothing on the Internet really goes away, here’s what he said.

“More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted.”

His tweet completely destroyed his own belief system. Of course, he was trying to insult white people, which is another component of CRT. In this case, Kendi was essentially insinuating that the majority of white students don’t deserve to be accepted at colleges and universities, so they lie about their race in order to get in.

If CRT teaches that all American institutions are systemically racist, then why do universities go all out each year holding a certain number of student slots for people of color? A systemically racist institution would never do that, yet every university does. It’s the dirty little secret of college admissions.

I don’t know, maybe proponents of CRT can’t grasp what “systemic” really means? Maybe they should do some critical thinking about it? What do you think?

Kendi almost immediately deleted the tweet once he realized he debunked his life’s work. Imagine having an ideology that believes racism is built into everything in America and when trying to insult white people, you accidentally tweet out proof that you’re full of crap and nothing but an average race hustler.

In a just world, Kendi would be fired from his job at Boston U for pushing such a racist and hateful statement in public, but we shouldn’t hold our breath.


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