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Crime Exploding In Aurora, CO, As Police are Afraid of Doing Their Jobs in Light of New Laws That Can Send Them to Prison

A combination of factors are being blamed for the meteoric rise in crime in Aurora, Colorado, Murders are up 72%, armed assaults are up 34.3%, and robberies were up 31%.

In addition to that physical arrests, or arrests made without a warrant, have plummeted 44.6% since 2019.

Judy Lutkin, union president of the Aurora Police Association named several factors that she believes is causing the rise in crime.

That includes the fact that the Democratic party approved rioting has led people to realize they are not risking jail time for breaking the law.

She said another contributing factor is “the general trend of social justice warrior police leadership who have given up on ‘law enforcement’ as the primary mission of the police.”  And finally, the legislature has passed laws meant to hold police accountable but really paints them in a corner in dangerous situations. But the police are steering away from those in order to avoid prosecution.

State Senate Bill 217, signed into law in June, was passed with the idea in mind that police needed more accountability, but the problem is that the situations they face are not taken into account.

That could lead to criminal charges, while at the same time making their job much more dangerous. As a result, the police are avoiding putting themselves in those situations.

From The Daily Wire

Patrol culture “has become almost completely reactive. We don’t look for suspicious people who are about to commit crimes anymore. Instead we stick to answering 911 calls,” she said. “On those calls, we walk away when possible.”

In early September, police were called to an apartment complex twice on a 47-year-old man with a criminal history of violent assault, drug charges, resisting arrest, and illegal behavior. Twice police left the scene without arresting the man who was alleged to have exposed himself to children, thrown a rock through a glass door, vandalized a car, and locked two people in a bedroom of the apartment he was staying in. In both instances, police left intent on getting a warrant before attempting to arrest the man.

Lutkin blamed recent cultural shifts and views of police after mass protests broke out over the death of George Floyd in May.

The police just say they are doing what the public wants and if the public doesn’t like it, they should do something about it.

You can try to regulate police behavior but they can’t order criminals to act accordingly. The police are left to defend themselves physically and criminally.

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