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As Crime And Murders Skyrocket in NYC, Mayor Has 27 Officers A Day Guarding Black Lives Matter “Mural”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is “governing” Americas’s largest city, as though he is not accountable to anyone, and the truth is, he really doesn’t.

He put in place a stay at home order, then went to a park with his wife, protected by security detail.

He told NYC the CV-19 would not be an issue for their city encouraging everyone to shop, dine, and drink like they always had.

Now the Big Apple’s progressive mayor, who cut the police budget 1 Billion dollars, is assigning 27 NYPD officers to guard a BLM mural! Yes, don’t protect the people, but protect the mural created by this domestic terrorist group.

Via Law Enforcement Today

 You’ve really got to hand it to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. As violent crime goes out of control in the Big Apple, de Blasio, or as radio talk show host Mark Levin calls him, “de Commie-o,” at least has his “priorities” straight.

He has directed that 27 police officers daily be assigned to protect the Black Lives Matter “mural” outside of Trump Tower.

Mural or graffiti? We’ll let you decide.

If there was a competition for the worst mayor in the United States, it would be a tough competition. You have Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who ordered Chicagoans to stay at home during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, then was seen out getting her hair cut.

We then have Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who told residents of his city that they could be in the “wet sand” at beaches but not the “dry sand” or they would be arrested.

It is an interesting dichotomy actually. De Blasio seems more interested in protecting the so-called “brand” of Black Lives Matter than actual black lives themselves. Otherwise, the 27 officers dedicated daily to protecting a bit of street paint would be directed toward actually protecting black lives, many of which have been lost with the latest spike in murders.

Former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik tweeted:

Bill De Blasio, the man in the ivory tower (Governor’s Mansion) has gone into a progressive haze, not making logical decisions, just skipping along his golden brick road.

In the end, NY will be worse off than the 1970s and unless there is an uprising, will down as one of the largest drops in standard and quality of living our nation as ever seen.

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