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Crazy Woman Attacks Boy On Bike Then Lies About It Not Realizing The Incident Was Filmed By GoPro Strapped To Boy’s Chest [VIDEO]

Our civil society is crumbling. The progressive variant pathogen has infected millions of Americans, mostly registered Democrats, and those infected by the disease show signs of personal victimhood, anger, and an overall need of exacting vengeance on innocent people due to frustration from being an angry victim all the time. Many of the infected feel they carry no personal responsibility for anything they do because, after all, they are exacting vengeance for life’s perceived wrongs enacted against them, real or imagined, that they use daily to explain why they are such a loser. They have the right to do whatever it takes to get people to obey their will. Get out of the way, you!

A California woman named Susan Garcia, behaving like a sidewalk Karen who has obviously been infected by the progressive variant, was charged with battery after allegedly hitting a 12-year-old boy named Jeffrey Vandervort, who was riding his bike on the sidewalk in his family’s Santa Ana community.

The crazy woman accused Jeffrey of intentionally trying to run her over as the reason she freaked out on him, according to KTLA-TV. This means that she knows she was wrong because she lied about what she did. How do we know she lied?

The violent woman didn’t know it, but Jeffrey was wearing a GoPro body cam that was running the entire time capturing the whole incident on video.

In the video, it shows that the woman started yelling at the boy before he ever got near her and shows he never tried to run the woman over. In fact, he wasn’t aggressive with her at all. She is the one who created the incident.

The video from the GoPro shows the boy riding around his neighborhood. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. His mother told him to ride on the pavement because he was almost hit by a car when he was riding in the street the previous week.

As he was approaching Garcia while she was standing in the center of the sidewalk, you see that as he stopped some yards before he reached her; she was already snapping at two other boys, one of them on a bike, like a hateful shrew who was exacting vengeance on a cruel world.

As she spotted Jeffrey, she shouted, “Get the hell off the sidewalk, now!”

She then approached him and grabbed his bike and shoved him. Jeffrey, behaving better than I would have at his age, said, “Excuse me? Please don’t touch me.”

As Jeffrey was moving his bike off the pavement and into the street, something she just told him to do, he appears to have been hit by her.

“Why’d you just hit me?” Jeffrey asked.

Garcia replied, “Want me to hit you again?”



Jeffrey reminded the nagging, ill-tempered sidewalk Karen that she was not allowed to touch him and she replied, “I’ll do what I want!”


“She walked over to me and just started yelling and pushed me into this little tree and then hit me in the back,” the young man told the outlet.

Jeffrey’s mother, Whitney Gregory, said sidewalk Karen had no right to attack her son.

“People in the neighborhood should come directly to the parent. They should never confront a child, harass a child,” she told KTLA. “It’s so outrageous.”

Garcia blatantly lied to Jeffrey’s mother, captured on video, by telling her the young man tried to run her over with his bike.

Once the mother watched the video, she contacted police to report Garcia assaulting her son.

What was disturbing was as Garcia was lying to Jeffrey’s mother, the boy said, “I have a video,” and his mom pointed out that her son has a camera strapped to his chest, and Garcia said, “Good! Come on, boy. Just get it on, let’s see it.” She started clapping her hands while approaching Jeffrey again, repeating, “Come on. Come on.”

The crazy lady knew the video was going to show Jeffrey never tried to run her over, but she played the lying game all the way up to the last second. Only a really disturbed person would do that. A normal person wouldn’t assault a child and then lie about it to begin with, but the length to which sidewalk Karen stretched it out, I think, should require a 72-hour visit to the giggle house because she’s nuts.

Santa Ana police verified to the outlet that Garcia was charged with battery.

“I think she needs to be held accountable for what she did,” Gregory said.

On a scale of 1 to crazy, I wonder how many cats Garcia owns?

There are a lot of people like sidewalk Karen out there these days who believe they control these little fiefdoms in their community and everyone around them has to comply with their wishes or they will get violent. Thank goodness the boy was wearing a GoPro. Otherwise, Garcia would have gotten away with it if there was no proof of her assaulting Jeffrey and then lying about it.

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