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COVID Mania – Woman Coughs In Baby’s Face To Punish Mom For Not Social Distancing

The citizens of the United States of America are Constitutionally provided with unalienable rights from God. These freedoms were crucial for the rapid growth of our country as people went West, built businesses, spoke freely in the public square, and simply pursued happiness. With the Bill Of Rights in place the individual was autonomous from others, but not permitted to use their freedoms to hurt someone physically or disparage someone’s reputation with slanderous lies.

What has been consistent in cultures is the friction between those who enjoy liberty and those who feel empowered to demand their views be imposed on others in the community. Until the mid-twenty-first century, the agitator did not have the leverage to enforce their concerns on others but things started to change radically in the 1960s.

One of the results of the progressive and social justice movements has been the socially created “Group Think” around issues and dependency on large government entitlements. In return, the mob will not resist the government’s requests unless of course, they need the government to enforce social changes.

This brings us to the COVID-19 “pandemic”. Mismanaged at many levels, the progressives assigned fear and massive social obedience requirements, in their Group Think, and expected their devotees to be mini-enforcers in the public square.

There have numerous confrontations between this group and non-group think Americans. I for one was screamed at from a lady in her car, outside a restaurant, and after several verbal exchanges, she told me “I hope you die from the virus”.

Here is the latest story I found, involving an older woman and a young mother with her baby in line at a frozen yogurt store.

From Daily Mail

A woman in her 60s is caught on surveillance video purposely coughing in a baby’s face in San Jose yogurt shop after getting in a fight with the child’s mother over social distancing. The woman was upset the mother was not social distancing and maintaining a six-foot distance, according to the San Jose Police Department.

Police say the woman then immediately left the store after the incident.

I am hopeful a majority of the states will wake up and go back to regular life soon. This who have pre-existing conditions, or older age, should be provided education on their higher risk and allow them to live their lives accordingly. The 99 percent of those not at risk should have our liberties fully restored and the government must get out of our personal lives.

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