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Attacking Trump

Covfefe Coffee Canceled By Chase Bank With No Reasonable Explanation

"Edinburgh festival fringe 2017" by Abi Skipp is licensed under CC BY 2.0

And in other related whacko news, Chase Bank has stopped allowing Covfefe Coffee, a pro-Trump coffee company, from using their payment processing service, WePay, for what appears to be no justifiable reason.  They are giving the same old government-approved excuse that all the tech tyrants and other arms of the Woke Supremacy use.

In an email sent to Covfefe Coffee, Chase Bank told them that the pro-Trump coffee company was using their WePay payment processor “for one or more of the activities prohibited by our Terms of Service,” and that as a result not only are they being canceled, all of their pending payments have been canceled as well.  That could mean thousands or tens of thousands of dollars lost for products they have already shipped.

Let this be a lesson to companies who use Chase Bank. Now you know that they could turn on you and harm your business as well. It might be time to take a look at other banks that would not attack your company for political reasons.

A spokesman for the coffee company said that they were using the WePay payment processor for over two years and they never had an issue.  The email mandate from Chase arrived out of the blue.  They were never given any indication there was a problem with how they were using the payment processor.  The company spokesman believes they were treated this way for political reasons.  And he’s probably right.  Go here and read the WePay terms of service agreement.  You won’t be able to find any legitimate reason for what Chase did to the company.  This may just be the beginning for many companies to come.  What Chase did sounds awfully illegal, but the Left has created their own world where every member supports each other without question because if you question any actions by any member of the Woke Supremacy you too will be canceled.

“The social credit system that is talked about in China, which conservatives say one day it’s coming here, no. We already have it,” the spokesman said:

Instead of Republicans focusing on bringing in pro-Democracy Hong Kongers into our country for protection, they should focus on their voters, who pay their salary. How many lives need to be ruined? How many people need to be coerced and threatened with economic devastation until the Ben Shapiros and Mitch McConnells of the world actually do something? It’s like when people say, ‘Well there was some fraud in the election?’ Well, what percentage of fraud is okay? What percentage of cancel culture is okay? What’s it going to take? If they’re trying to ruin Trump’s life, nothing is safe. No one is coming to save us. We have no representation in government, we have no representation in “muh free market.” We wanted to provide a brand for the people. We have to start our own economy, our own nation. We have to build our own systems.

Chase bank has yet to give up the part of their Terms of Service that the coffee company violated.  And I don’t think short of a subpoena that they ever will.

If you think this is the first time Covfefe has been attacked by leftist-run companies you should think again.  Back in 2019, their products were pulled from Amazon.  The reason?  A single customer complained about the taste of their coffee.  In the same way that leftists can’t meme, they also can’t fake a cancel job to make it appear even somewhat reasonable.  And that wasn’t the first salvo fired at the coffee company by Amazon.  A month prior to banning their products they were banned from even advertising on the platform because their ad used an American flag.  Folks, they just make coffee!

Cancel culture is a real thing and it’s hurting a lot of innocent people.  The biggest problem with cancel culture is that it not only divides a society to dangerous levels, but it always comes back to eat its own.  Eventually, no one is ever safe from being canceled.  That’s the nature of the beast.

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