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COVER UP: New York Has Much Higher Nursing Home Death Count Than Officials Admit

After Gov Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) patients, an incredible 6,600 plus patients died and Cuomo is feeling the heat over his inane decision.

That is by far the most in the nation of any state.

Now, we find out it is much worse than the 6,600 figure the Cuomo administration is using.

That is because once a patient is moved to a hospital and dies, they don’t count it as a nursing home death.

Bronx-based Riverdale Nursing Home recorded 4 deaths from DTMNBN but they also had 17 patients that died in the hospital and thus were never included in the count.

The actual death total from nursing homes could easily be 2,000 to 4,000 higher than reported.

From the AP:

How big a difference could it make? Since May, federal regulators have required nursing homes to submit data on coronavirus deaths each week, whether or not residents died in the facility or at a hospital. Because the requirement came after the height of New York’s outbreak, the available data is relatively small. According to the federal data, roughly a fifth of the state’s homes reported resident deaths from early June to mid July — a tally of 323 dead, 65 percent higher than the state’s count of 195 during that time period.

Even if half that undercount had held true from the start of the pandemic, that would translate into thousands more nursing home resident deaths than the state has acknowledged.

Another indicator of how badly the count was handles was the fact that NY claimed there was 8,000 empty beds in nursing homes based on the number of deaths but in reality there are 21,000 empty beds.

In fact, New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker refused to give law makers the number of totyal nursing home deaths. Zucker has since been called on to resign  after it was discovered that the DTMNBN numbers were off by huge numbers and the nursing home deaths were undercounted because he used a system no other state was using.

State Senator Gustavo Rivera, a Democrat who represents the Bronx, told Zucker :

“It seems to me that the definition that you are insisting on keeping on the books is one that no other state utilizes and it makes you look better than what y’all did–that’s a problem, bro.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lucy

    August 12, 2020 at 4:37 pm

    What are you saying, Cuomo the almighty LIED, say it isn’t so. LMAO. We should request a list of all DEATHS ages 50 and over from March to date. and lets see the true numbers

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