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Could Wisconsin Be The FIRST State To DECERTIFY The Fraudulent 2020 Election

Just two weeks ago, you would not have believed that Wisconsin could decertify its election results, especially with RINO Rep Vos working overtime to protect a rigged election. But, what a difference a week makes. The Racine Sheriff’s office called a press conference and laid out how the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) broke the law and how that led to fraudulent activities inside of nursing homes and hospices all across the state.

What they did so eloquently was laid out a criminal case, citing state and federal that were intentionally broken. They stacked it, packaged it, and sent the DA for prosecution If it goes to court, the defendants could very well be found guilty. But, it’s not a slam dunk. The sheriff can bring the charges and supply all the evidence, but, it is up to the DA to actually bring charges against the WEC, but the DA does not have to accept the charges, especially if the judge turns out to be a far leftist.

The nursing home allowed delivery drivers into their building, but the Special Voting Deputies (SVD) were barred from securing voting rights and preventing elder abuse. The SVDs make sure that incapacitated patients do not vote and they do not tell the patients who to vote for. Barring them is a direct violation of state law. But, I believe they were barred so that they could gather votes from most of the patients not only in Racine County but all across the state.

Christina Bobb concludes,

Based on just nursing home abuses and election fraud, there could be as many as 50,000 – 100,000 fraudulent ballots cast in Wisconsin during the 2020 election.  Biden supposedly won the state by 20,682.  This is more than enough fraud to have changed the outcome of the election.

The Wisconsin Election Commission orchestrated a criminal and fraudulent election.  The sheriff has said that he is referring the crimes to the Racine District Attorney, Patricia Hanson.  Hanson is an elected Republican and will be called upon to prosecute these crimes.  At the same time, the Wisconsin legislature has more than enough evidence to show that the results certified in 2020 are fraudulent and must be decertified. It’s incumbent upon the Republican state legislature to stand by the laws they pass and not allow criminal activity to overrule law and order.  The Wisconsin State Legislature is primed to decertify their election.  Will they?

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