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Could Biden’s Aggressive Threats Towards Saudi Arabia Place U.S. National Security at Risk?

Joe Biden’s foreign policy record is well known. It’s abysmal. If he were a professional sports franchise, he’d set historic records for futility. But this isn’t sports. Americans can’t put a paper bag over their heads when Biden does something insanely stupid.

When Joe Biden blows it, the entire nation is at risk. It seems every time “clueless Joe” opens his mouth, he puts the lives of every American at risk. This idiot stood in front of an international audience and called for the killing of Vladimir Putin.

Joe Biden handed Afghanistan back to the corrupt Taliban rulers who harbor terrorist organizations for profit. Biden was actually stupid enough to suggest that the world is on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. Is Joe Biden just old and senile, or is he really this stupid?

As a historical note, Joe Biden has NEVER been on the right side of foreign policy. He’s not only a senile 79-year-old man, Biden is truly stupid. Some blame his inopportune gaffs on old age. However, this man has been making stupid and dangerous foreign policy statements for decades.

This man is dangerous. There is a growing sense that when Republicans retake control of Capitol Hill after the midterm elections, they will quickly move to get him out of office. But will America be safer with Kamala “word salad” Harris as “Commander-in-Chief?”

Talk about being “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” America is caught between a rock and a hard place. There appears to be no safe outlet until voters can get this radical leftist agenda out of office. In the meantime, Biden continues to make comments that threaten U.S. security.

This time, he took aim at an “important Middle East ally”. Saudi Arabia has a critical influence in the Middle East. The nation has consistently been in the top five globally for oil production. Recently, the Saudis and other OPEC nations have strongly considered reducing production.

This decision wouldn’t be an issue if Joe Biden hadn’t carved away at America’s energy independence. Now, the U.S. must rely on other countries for our energy needs. This is what happens when you stop producing and replenishing your own energy supplies.

Americans shouldn’t be surprised. Biden has waged a full assault on American energy companies. He has placed our nation at risk. But if that wasn’t enough, the buffoon made threats. Biden tried to persuade Saudi Arabia to reduce its level of oil production until after the November midterms.

Nice try, Joe. This was an obvious attempt to prevent another spike in gas prices right before voters head to the polls. This whole ordeal of out-of-control gas prices could have been averted if Biden’s policies hadn’t crippled the U.S. energy industry.

Now the clown prince of foreign policy is trying to threaten countries into saving his butt. But these threats could come with serious consequences. After devastating the U.S. oil industry, Biden cried for increased production from other countries. The Saudis denounced his pleas.

Instead of exercising good judgment, Biden spouted off that there would be “consequences” if Saudi Arabia cut production. What did the clown prince of diplomacy mean by this radical threat? Will the U.S. impose sanctions or use military deterrents to force a country into producing more products?

This is more than just a bad look. These “off the cuff” comments are dangerous. To show how stupid Biden’s comments were, the cousin of the Saudi Prince warned of how ill-advised such threats can be. Saud al-Shaalan cautioned that such statements could produce consequences themselves.

He replied by insisting, “Anybody who challenges the existence of this kingdom, we are all projects of jihad and martyrdom.” Some took issue with this statement, but it wasn’t a threat made against the United States. This was an international figure responding to threats made by a sitting U.S. President.

U.S. presidents cannot make unnecessary threats, especially threats they can’t back up. This type of inept foreign diplomacy leads to wars. These statements put U.S. national security at risk. But most of all, they prove what an idiot Joe Biden truly is. The man is a train wreck.

Even though he’s never been on the right side of a foreign policy, he’s also made one blunder after another during his tenure in the White House. Joe Biden is dangerous. A Republican held Congress must look towards getting rid of him. However, God help us, when we consider the next alternative.

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