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CORRUPT! Bannon’s War Room Found it: Loan Documents in Emails, Bidens Owe CCP Money by Dec. 2020

Members of Bannon’s War Room Pandemic found and brought to light an email on Friday, that proves that Joe Biden needs to have his security clearance pulled because he a national security risk.

Steve Bannon, a former strategist for President Donald J. Trump is instrumental in bringing the contents of the hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop to the public, exposing the corrupt ties between Democrat Candidate for President, Joe Biden, his family and the Chinese Communist Party.

Jack Maxy, co-host, and “a former finance guy” as Bannon called him, read an email he found while digging around in the harddrive of Hunter Biden’s laptop and reading emails.

The email proves the Bidens are compromised by financial dealings with high ranking Chinese financial companies, in the form of loans.

Maxy said:

“The Biden Family has a loan coming due on Dec. 13, 2020 with the Chinese. Here is the email from October 31, 2018 to Eric Swearin, Hunter Biden, CCed to Felix U, Johnathan Yee, and from Juin Wang.”

Wang is a businessman in Beijing, and talks about him assuming the loan from Johnathan Yee and giving extension for one year at a time.

Maxy said:

“And we have the loan documents, including the ones with Swearin and Hunter Biden’s signatures”.

“They are totally compromised,” Bannon said. “We are going to go thru all of these loan documents,” Bannon said.

“You are such a bunch of grifters,” Bannon said, of the Biden family.

Proof that the Laptop, from which the hard drive came, with the emails about loans and business deals was posted by Bernard Kerik, a former Police commissioner of New York City:

Bannon has a daily show and is slowing going through the emails and other information on the hard drive from Biden’s laptop which is in the custody of the FBI.

Steve Hilton of Fox news wrote “what we learn from WSJ @KimStrassel AND news pieces: – Biden joint venture w/ Chinese regime was being planned WHILE Joe Biden was VP – Joe Biden stood to benefit PERSONALLY – the emails etc are REAL – Biden campaign does NOT deny Joe Biden knew, instead deny things no-one claims”

Thursday, Breitbart News reported on a Biden Family loan and wrote:

A 2017 email from a top official with a Chinese energy firm, provided by a whistleblower to U.S. Senate investigators, demonstrates the terms of an agreement included officials with the firm giving a $5 million non-secured, forgivable loan to the Biden “family.”

The email, sent to SinoHawk Holdings CEO Tony Bobulinski, shows how a top official with CEFC Energy — a now bankrupt and defunct energy company based in China — offered to wire $10 million into an account to begin operations, $5 million worth of which would be a non-secured forgivable loan to the “BD Family,” which means the Biden family.

This story is developing…

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