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Corrupt Atlanta DA Paul Howard WIPED OUT in Election After Charging Police Officer with Murder in Rayshard Brooks Death

The embattled District Attorney who he himself is under investigation has been voted out of office by a landslide. His opponent, Fani Willis received a landslide 73% of the vote, defeating Paul Howard. Howard had charged a Rayshard Brooks in self-defense.

Howard had Georgia Police officer with felony murder after he shot and killed Brooks who had fought with the two officers, stole one of the officers’ tasers, and as he was fleeing turned and fired it at the officers.

Howard claimed that he watched 8 videos and studied the evidence before issuing 11 charges as a result of the shooting. He claimed that the officers never told Brooks that he was under arrest and also claimed that Brooks was calm and respectful, both of which are outright lies.



Howard had been the Fulton County DA ever since 1997 with no real competition until this election. Willis had worked for Howard for 17 years until 1998. She says that the prosecutor’s office would do their work with integrity. She said nothing about the Brooks case, but it would be unethical to do since Howard is still the DA for now and she doesn’t want to interfere with his work.

Howard was under investigation for not reporting receiving $200,000 in wages in what he called a well-deserved pay increase. If it was well deserved, why didn’t he report it. He had to pay a fine and the investigation is still ongoing although since he lost the election, they might just let him fade away.

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