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Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bondi File Federal Lawsuit for Trump Campaign over Election in PA

Trump campaign surrogates Pam Bondi, former Florida Attorney General, and Corey Lewandowski appeared Thursday evening in the middle of dueling protests outside the Philadelphia Convention Center to say they had filed a lawsuit in federal court meant to immediately stop the counting of what they allege are illegal election ballots.

“Trump official Corey Lewandowski just announced that they have filed an emergency petition in FEDERAL court to stop the vote count in PA as compared to state court earlier,” a reporter wrote on Twitter.

One of Trump’s Senior advisor posted a copy of the order to allow poll watchers in, earlier in the day, Thursday:

Bondi and Lewandowski were on Hannity show, later Thursday night, with Bondi saying that Democrats were preventing Trump’s campaign from watching the ballot counting, “we are being denied an opportunity to observe votes that are coming in late,” Bondi said.

“We have a court order that says that we can be inside watching the ballots and the sheriff will not enforce it, when we called him we were told that should not even call them back,” Corey Lewandowski said told Hannity.

Lewandowski was on Lou Dobbs show earlier in the day, Thursday, and said,”“We see a pattern across this Country of our people not having the opportunity to inspect the ballots!(…)We have filed a Federal lawsuit already to ensure that that no longer occurs!(…)We only want to count ballots that are legally voted on!”

According to the complaint:

v. Case No.: 20-5533


  1. This action is brought by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. against the
    Philadelphia County Board of Elections to seek an emergency injunction to prevent an ongoing
    violation of Plaintiff’s Constitutional rights, including at least the right to Due Process.
  2. This action is brought pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 1983, for violation by the
    Defendant of Plaintiff’s Constitutional rights under color of state law.
  3. Pennsylvania law as determined by the Commonwealth’s highest available court
    requires that representatives and poll watchers to be present and observe the canvassing of all
    mail-in and absentee ballots.
  4. The County Board of Elections is aware of this Order but is intentionally refusing
    to allow any representatives and poll watchers for President Trump and the Republican Party.
    The County Board of Elections is nonetheless continuing to count ballots, without any
    observation by any representatives or poll watchers of President Trump and the Republican
  5. The County Board of Elections is intentionally violating state law. The County
    Board of Elections claims it is “studying” the Order. It has been studying the Order for over an
    hour and a half, while counting continues with no Republicans present.
  6. This conduct constitutes an intentional violation of the Plaintiff’s Constitutional
    rights, including at least the right to Due Process as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to
    the United States Constitution.
    WHEREFORE, Plaintiff seeks an Emergency Injunction barring the Defendant County
    Board of Elections from continuing to count any ballots so long as Republican observers are not
    present as required by state law

President Trump’s son, Eric Trump posted a comment to Bill O’Reilly, a political pundit, and said:

Trump addressed the lack of access by observers and tweeted out a video, Thursday:

This story is developing…

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