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Cops In Calgary Arrest Man For Playing Ice Hockey in an Outdoor Rink Because Some Rat Fink Called Them [VIDEO]

If you think the COVID tyranny is only in the United States, think again.  Some disturbing video has surfaced from Alberta, Canada where police officers are assaulting a young man because he was playing ice hockey on an outside rink.

First of all, it has been rumored that Canadian births take about seventy-two hours more than most other countries, based on the fact that it takes that long to get the sticks and pads out.  That’s how much Canadians love ice hockey.

Calgary police appear in a video that went viral showing the cops shutting down a pickup ice hockey game at the outside hockey rink, after they received reports of forty people at the Southwood community rink and skatepark

According to the tyrannical Alberta government website, “Outdoor team sports must also be limited to 10 people or fewer and 2 metre distancing must be maintained at all times.”

Two women cops tried to arrest the man, as he was refusing to get on the ground.  The ground was ice and snow, and I don’t blame him for not wanting to lay face down in it, especially because he was playing ice hockey OUTSIDE!

One of the officer’s is shown kneeing the hockey player, but he continued to stand on the ice and not lay down.  During the scuffle, one of the cops slipped to the ground.

Someone watching this tragedy from the sidelines ask why an officer has a hand on a gun.  The cops replied, “It’s not a gun, it’s a taser, and he’s under arrest, and I have the authority to use force to effect an arrest.”

Authority to use force on a dirty desperado who was playing ice hockey on an outside rink and wasn’t harming anyone.  Welcome to the new normal, folks.

While on of the female cops pointed her taser at the man, she screamed, “Get on the ground! Get on the f***ing ground! Get on the ground before I f***ing taser you!”  There’s your tax dollars at work.

People in the crowd began egging the man to surrender and stop resisting.  One cop tried to use a chokehold on the guy but that didn’t work out so well.  As the cops were trying to take thy man to the ground he kept standing in place asking, “Why do I have to go to the ground?”

One of the officers actually kicked the man several times in his groin.  Are you kidding me?


All of this, because some rat called the police to ruin everyone’s good time.  Sounds like how people behave in most communist countries.

When they finally got the man’s hands behind his back he said to the cops, “I just asked you what you were doing to that little kid.”  He was referring to 12-year-old Rayan Sanoubar, who had been told by police that he had to stop skateboarding at the park.

“A peace officer came sat in this car and got out and… told skateboarders we have to go and [were] not allowed to be there and we all refused and he called for backup for other police to come,” Sanoubar told the Global News.

“They had him on the ground for six minutes, just frozen, cutting his skates off with a knife,” Sanoubar said. “They arrested him and threatened us saying: ‘We are going to give you tickets if you don’t walk away.'”

They charged the 21-year-old with obstructing, resisting arrest, and violating the public health act.

In the United States most local jurisdictions do not have the authority to do any of the mitigation orders they force on their citizens.  In the United States Constitution every state is guaranteed a republican form of government, which means that only a state legislature can create laws for lockdowns, forcing people limited gatherings, wearing masks, etc.  The tyrants south of Canada enforce illegal lockdowns in many jurisdictions and law enforcement, for the most part, allow them to get away with it.

There is going to come a day when people are going to say enough is enough.  We have never had a pandemic where the government punished healthy people into submission and taken away most of their rights.  In true form, the socialist leaders in most countries have not let a good crisis go to waste.  They are using COVID-19 as a means to create a global reset to transform countries into full blown socialist systems.

Most people have been extremely tolerant so far, but they’re being pushed to their limits. Having holidays shut down, freedom of association shut down, freedom to live their lives the way they want to with their children attending school room classes, and having businesses closed because some government jerk doesn’t think they’re essential is enough to drive anybody bonkers after a year.  There will be a revolt.  Anyone with a brain can see it come, and it will not be pretty.

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