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Conway Slams Dem’s Plan To Win Midterms

New York Times bestseller Kellyanne Conway absolutely snapped during Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday after Biden’s disgusting ‘celebration’. It seems like the networks are supporting the Democrats’ plan to convince voters that everything is okay despite what they’re going through in their own lives.

Hannity expressed concern that voters might buy into the facade but according to Conway, people aren’t buying it.

“It will not work, Sean. And remember, Americans like to protest and pontificate in groups, but we vote as individuals, and we are voting on rising costs and rising crime,” Conway explained.

She continued, “today was very sad. For the first time since February of 1991, we had a devastating number in terms of just the increase for lodging, for where people live. As 40% of the core number and guess what we’re hearing in focus group, Sean, we’re hearing that people aren’t just worried about gas and groceries. That’s a conversation from five or six months ago. Now it’s insurance, it’s utilities and it’s rent.”

Conway broke it down, “one of the fastest growing new groups of homeless in our country are single moms who have a job. Folks, they’re working, they have a job. They’re doing the best they can. The job or two jobs in the household is no longer enough. But this is what I see in Biden. It’s a split-screen presidency.”

Democrats can try to sell the lie. They can try to demonize voters but it all comes down to what people face every day.

Conway started calling out Democrats who supported Biden’s expensive spending bills:

“He’s out there telling us how great everything is and we know better. We know the metrics. We know our own personal financial situation and Sean, absolutely this election is the Biden-Fetterman economy, Biden-Mark Kelly, Biden-Raphael Warnock, Biden, that woman in Nevada’s got three names and no accomplishments, her. It’s Biden-Tim Ryan. They want to distance himself from Biden. But remember, those who are incumbents, Sean, they have voted with Biden for Build Back Better and certainly this Inflation Reduction Act. Every single Democrat voted for something called Inflation Reduction Act and just today we saw what a big lie that is. The Biden presidency rests on one principle and he did it today. Believe what I say, not what you see. I have faith in voters. They will vote according to what they see and the pain they feel.”


Democrats are really banking on voter turnout based on student loan bailouts but many Americans are now crushed under rising interest rates—part of Biden’s plan to ‘fix’ inflation. What will voters think when his lastest spending spree hits their mortgage bill?

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