Conservative Venture Capitalists Are Putting Their Money On Rumble The Free Speech Alternative Video Platform to YouTube

YouTube, like the parent company Google, likes to censor free speech against conservative content creators for purely partisan progressive Woke supremacy reasons. Leftists argue that YouTube doesn’t police conservatives any more than liberals, but I never hear liberals complain about being censored, and believe me, I go looking for it.

I have personal experience of being censored multiple times on YouTube. The last time was when I was working on a story about the drug Ivermectin being used in Australia to fight COVID-19 with amazing results. According to doctors down under, prescribing the drug to their patients who tested positive for the pandemic virus, after one dose within 48 hours they were completely clear of COVID-19. The drug has been around for decades and has been used with humans and animals. For animals it was mostly used against parasites, but it kills COVID-19 with very limited side effects.

I uploaded a video news report on the drug’s usage in Australia to my YouTube account to use in the story, and the split-second the upload ended I was hit with a message telling me YouTube removed my video because it violated their community standards. It said that only information by the WHO was allowed on YouTube. I appealed the censorship of the video explaining that the WHO has Ivermectin listed as a “clean drug” meaning they consider it a very safe drug that has been tried and true for years. I received a two-word reply: Appeal Denied. Two months later I received another notice from YouTube telling me that upon further review they now realize that I did not violate their community standards and they have reinstated the video on my account. That’s one of the tactics they use to censor you. They censor you for a ridiculous reason and then later say they now realize you didn’t violate anything, and that usually comes after enough time has gone by that renders your content outside of the news cycle. I replied telling the tech tyrants at YouTube that they can stuff the video where the sun doesn’t shine because from now on I’m using Rumble to store my videos. That happened to me on more than one occasion.

Because of incidents very similar to that, many conservatives now use Rumble. Conservative talk show host and Fox News host Dan Bongino is an investor in Rumble and I believe his recent rise in media stature after taking over the time slot for the late, great Rush Limbaugh on many stations across the fruited plains, has gotten the attention of Rumble by other investors.

Conservative venture capitalists are now investing in Rumble because it is seen as the new conservative alternative to YouTube.

Rumble has recently entered into an agreement with venture capitalists Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance who are going to invest in the social media company in an effort to grow its reach and add live streaming, which will be a real attraction for conservative social media influencers and alike.

Too many conservative content creators on the Right have had it with YouTube’s selective enforcement of its community standards rules that are used to punish conservatives who don’t buy into the progressive leftist Woke Supremacy ideology.

In April, YouTube removed an interview with former President Donald Trump where he spoke about the possibility of a presidential run in 2024. YouTube took down the video because of a rule imposed against Trump after the January 6 riot at the Capitol. The interview was later made available on Rumble that did not take it down because Rumble believes in Free Speech.

Chris Pavlovski, who founded Rumble in 2013, said that he came up with the idea for the site because he didn’t like the way YouTube did their monetization and he wanted to make an even playing field for smaller content creators so that they too could earn revenues from their content.

Besides Bongino sending people to Rumble instead of YouTube to watch his podcast videos, another big league influencer who is bringing in lots of conservatives to Rumble is Donald Trump Jr., who posts videos on Rumble every day and pushes them out to other social media sites, specifically TeleGram.

Rumble is averaging about 31 million views a month, which is pretty good by most standards, but far short of the 1 billion daily views that YouTube gets. Who knows, maybe we can help Rumble eat away at that lead.

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