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‘CONNECTED STRUGGLES’: Biden Met With ‘Free Palestine-BLM” Rally In Dearborn MI, Almost As If He Wanted It

On Tuesday, Democrat Joe Biden had a PR event where he drove an electric Truck that made the Leftist Media swoon, and a collective of far-left radicals in the area took the opportunity to put on a protest rally, demanding he takes more determined action against their political opponents.

“We gave Joe Biden more than 70% of our vote, and he gave us nothing in return. Protesters call out Democratic leadership in Dearborn this afternoon #Dearborn, ” reported Brendan Gutenschwager on Twitter.

Biden pushed his appearance there as big news:

And the Mainstream media covered the bizarre appearance where Biden actually threatened a female reporter who asked him a question about foreign policy with Israel.

I covered that story:

More Of Joe’s Liberal Privledge: Biden Tells Female Reporter To Get In Front Of A Truck For Asking A Question About Israel


Local News reported, “Rallies held in Dearborn to protest President Biden’s stance on Palestine, Biden was in town to tour the Ford Rouge Factory ahead of new F-150 release”

Press and Guide Reported:

More than 1,000 people gathered in front of the Dearborn Police Station on May 18, chanting “Free, free Palestine,” as speakers began to take the stage.

This was just days after one of the largest rallies in the city’s history had taken place Sunday and was happening simultaneously to a visit from President Joe Biden to the southend of the city.

“They asked us to save Democracy from Donald Trump and now we are asking everyone to please save Palestine from Joe Biden,” said protest organizer Amer Zahr. “He is participating in, and funding the murder of our families.”

While the multiple rallies held in the city over the weekend were about freeing the Palestinian people from Isreal, the rally in front of the police department was much more about the Biden administration’s policy on the issue between the two groups.



“We are here today to welcome the president to our backyard,” said American and Muslim American Political Action Committee president Abdallah Sheikh. “We invested and helped elect Joe Biden. We believe that he is fair, believes in justice, and is a true leader. We are asking the president for a ceasefire and to help end the war in Gaza. We are asking him to help stop the settlers from using aggression on the native Palestinians.

Sheikh added that tax dollars from his community should be used to improve the U.S. instead of “aggressive nations,” Press and Guide reported.


One reporter calls it an “Islamic Bloc” or the “Red-Green Alliance or Axis,” a combined effort to destroy many countries.

“The Red-Green alliance’s war against Israel continues Members of the Islamist bloc finance and direct the terror forces in Judea and Samaria and Gaza and work in cooperation with their front groups in the West,” wrote Caroline B. Glick for Israel Hayom.

In Sept. 2020, she wrote about the hopes of President Donald J. Trump to bring peace to the region, which was immediately reversed with Democrat Joe Biden.

“There are two sides to the war against Israel – the terrorist side and the political side. The missiles the Hamas’ terrorist regime in Gaza shot at Ashdod and Ashkelon and the anti-Israel demonstrations outside the White House, which both happened during the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords on the South Lawn, are a bitter reminder that the war against the Jewish state is far from over.

Even if US President Donald Trump’s rosiest prediction – that nine more Arab states will be normalizing their relations with Israel in the coming months – comes true, the rejectionist axis will maintain its war against Israel.”

And that is what we are seeing at play around the world now. Can anyone say that Joe didn’t anticipate the rally in Dearborn? Does anyone really believe that the Democrats aren’t openly supporting Hama, a terrorist organization?

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