Lawmakers will return this week to a Washington landscape transformed by the unveiling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which has sparked an intensifying fight between Capitol Hill and the White House over Democrats’ push to probe the administration.

Congress is about to return to Washington for the first time after the Mueller Report was shared with America. And it seems that the Democrats are still debating on what to do next. The report proved there was no collusion with Russia and the Trump Campaign, nor did it conclude that there was obstruction of justice. But some junior senators and extreme liberals are still leaving impeachment on the table.

Some in the party’s liberal wing want to pursue impeachment proceedings, while others worry that without GOP support, such a move would trigger political backlash, particularly in the swing districts that helped Democrats take back the House in last fall’s midterm elections.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has counseled Democrats to focus on obtaining more information, including an unredacted version of the Mueller report, and urged the chairs of House committees to press forward with their own investigations. But requests from panels to hear testimony from administration officials, including former White House personnel security director Carl Kline, have sparked pushback from Mr. Trump, who has said he would resist all efforts by the House to question current and former administration officials about Mr. Mueller’s report.

This week Barr is also supposed to testify two days.

The dispute over Mr. Barr’s scheduled testimony on Thursday is the latest battlefront between the attorney general and Democrats in the House who have criticized his release and characterization of the Mueller report. The House Judiciary Committee wants Mr. Barr to be available for additional questions from panel lawyers on Thursday, but he has refused that request.

“The Attorney General agreed to appear before Congress,” Kerri Kupec, a Justice Department spokeswoman, said Sunday. “Therefore, Members of Congress should be the ones doing the questioning. He remains happy to engage with Members on their questions regarding the Mueller report.”

Most Americans are showing little interest in the Mueller report now that there were no findings of collusion with Russia. Most people want the House to get busy working on issues facing our country. Like immigration and infrastructure. Let’s hope the Democrats can do what they promised and start working for the American people instead of trying to take revenge on our president for winning the 2016 election.

Source: Congress Returns With Tensions Running High