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Congress Objecting to Presidential Electors Is a Civil Rights Imperative

Editor’s Note: The author of this column, Jake Hoffman, is a Republican presidential elector in Arizona and a plaintiff on numerous election integrity lawsuits.

In what could be the last gasp for the Trump administration, members of the House and the Senate will oppose the vote by the electoral college. Not because there is no merit in their case but because there are too many cowardly Republicans and judges who refuse to even hear the evidence let alone rule in it.

At least 140 GOP House members and 11 GOP Senators plan to object to the votes from swing states where there was much shady dealings and a total lack of transparency.

Voting machines that allow you to switch votes from one candidate to another, the dead voters, illegal alien voters, fake registrations and ballots, running the same votes through multiple times and them old Democrat stand by of manufacturing votes will highlight the 2020 election. And no one in a position to do anything about it are stepping up.

No doubt many of the craven Republicans who would rather switch than fight will be out of jobs next election.

They may not believe it but President Trump is more popular than they will ever be. Keeping your promises will do that for you.

Trump’s legacy could end up including the weeding out of the weak Nancys in our government.

From Townhall

As the day approaches, the left-wing media has been quick to describe this as an “assault on democracy,” among many other things. But if Democrats are going to pretend to be appalled by this “disruptive” action, they need to take a look in the mirror. By their own standards, Democrats have been assaulting democracy for quite some

In nearly 150 years, Electoral College votes have been objected to four separate times, three of which were in the last 20 years and all four times Electoral College votes have been objected by Democrats. 

Four years ago on January 6, 2017, Democratic House members objected to Electoral College votes for Donald Trump eleven times. Ironically, the presiding President of the Senate at those proceedings was none other than Joseph Biden, then Vice President.

Biden shot down those objections on procedural grounds: objections must be filed in writing and have the signature of both a House member and a seated Senator. The 2017 challenges failed to cross that hurdle.

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