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CONFIRMED: The Trump Team’s Steve Cortes Confirms Our Previous Report – Trump’s Case is a Constitutional One

President Trump Team member Steve Cortes on Twitter confirmed that President Trump’s lawsuits against the states are a constitutional one because the press and Democrats are arguing that they need proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But that is the evidence needed for a criminal case.

In the president’s case, it requires only the preponderance of the evidence.

The Three Burdens of Proof (in some situations referred to as standards) are as follows

  • Beyond a reasonable doubt: The highest standard the law imposes. …
  • Clear and convincing evidence: An elevated standard that requires a judge or jury to have substantial assurance that the allegations are correct.
  • Preponderance of the evidence: The lowest standard.

Preponderance of the evidence just means it’s more likely than not.

How can someone who drew less than 30 people at all of his rallies get the highest vote total in history? If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s not true.

It should be pointed out that the reason that the Trump lawyers separated themselves from Sidney Powell is because she was running a criminal investigation while the White House is pursuing a constitutional one.

The burden of proof is completely different between the two.

Steve [email protected]A key point about Trump’s official legal team and other allies pursuing important cases independently. The Sidney Powell case is effectively a criminal case, and she continues to aggressively pursue it. The campaign’s case is primarily a Constitutional one. Both can work.11:00 AM · Nov 23, 2020

Within a week we uncovered the massive fraud and now today there are literally hundreds of affidavits filed, under penalty of perjury, declaring that:

  • Many dead people voted with the indication of fraud
  • Ballots were destroyed intentionally with the intention of fraud
  • Ballots were separated from their envelopes with the intention of fraud
  • Vote counts were manipulated with the intention of fraud
  • Absentee ballots were received back at the counting center BEFORE they were even sent out with the intention of fraud
  • Many people over 100 years old cast ballots with the intention of fraud
  • Observers were blocked, some by cardboard sheets, pizza boxes, or social distance, with the intention of fraud
  • Many people voted more than once, in multiple states, where they were ineligible to vote with the intention of fraud
  • Ballots were “cured” even before the date they were supposed to be opened with the intention of fraud
  • Batches of ballots were scanned multiple times into the tabulators with the intention of fraud
  • Ballots were LOST in predominantly Trump precincts and found after audits with the intention of fraud
  • Ballots for Trump were found in garbage cans, ditches, or were shredded before, on and after election day with the intention of fraud
  • Hundreds of thousands of suspicious ballots, many of them 96% up to 100% for Biden were DUMPED into the count in the wee hours of the morning AFTER election day in SWING STATES and the counting had been “stopped” with the intention of fraud

I do not see the Trump campaign getting a fair hearing from judges, especially those appointed by Obama because they are mostly activists. They won’t get a really fair hearing until they get to the Supreme Court.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Phillip Kappel

    November 24, 2020 at 5:58 am

    My comment is more of a question If Biden’s election is found to be fraudulent & President Trump found to be the winner even if Biden has been sworn in , is their a process in removing the fraudulent President & all of his appointees ?

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