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Confirmed, President Trump left Biden a Note, Internet Has Fun with it

President Donald J. Trump left his parting thoughts to Democrat Joe Biden in the form of a President Letter, to be found on the desktop when Biden enters the Oval Office, sometime after Wednesday.

USA Today reported, “President Donald Trump has eschewed most of the traditional roles a president fills for the inauguration of his successor, except one: He has left a letter for President-elect Joe Biden.

White House spokesman Judd Deere confirmed Wednesday that Trump left a note for his successor. Presidents usually leave a note of congratulations and support behind in the Oval Office. Still, some had questioned whether Trump would do so, given his hesitancy even to acknowledge Biden’s victory.

The White House did not release contents of Trump’s note: “It’s a letter between 45 and 46,” Deere said.”

The Spectator Index reported on the letter:

Breitbart News confirmed there was a letter:

“President Donald Trump continued a presidential tradition by leaving a letter for incoming President Joe Biden at the Oval Office on Wednesday.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs and confirmed by CNN.”

The White House did not release the official letter.

Reporters posted on Social Media that they received a personal copy:

Another source of the letter appears to be attorney Lin Wood’s Telegram account.  The White House did not release the letter itself, but many President Trump supporters had some fun with the idea of what they would love to have seen him leave for Biden.

Jason Miller, one of President Trump’s top advisors, posted some great photos and commentary about how the allies and associates of Trump from the White House spent Wednesday morning.

Polls that have been highly accurate in polling the Trump administration, Rasmussen Reports said that President Trump’s approval rating was still at a high of 51%:

Miller reminds readers that this is Trump’s first term:

A friend of Trump’s, Boris Epshteyn, a former Communications director fro 2016 campaign posted photos of a radiant first couple giving their farewells before going to their large estate at Maralago in Florida:

A long time aide, Stephen Miller, was quoted by the Washington Examiner:

“Stephen Miller: Trump’s 4 years ‘most consequential,’ leaves ‘incredibly optimistic’ DJT ‘never backed down from a fight on behalf of the American people. He gave everything that he had no matter how much was thrown at him.’

“He’s incredibly optimistic because he knows that he left it all out on the field. He gave everything he had to the cause and the mission. He left nothing in reserve,” said Miller.

“He never backed down from a fight on behalf of the American people. He gave everything that he had no matter how much was thrown at him from ‘fill in the blank,’ the big donors, big Silicon Valley tech giants, special interests, party insiders, the Washington and New York media, the foreign adversaries,” said Miller.

While the Trumps seemed to be glowing and satisfied, some supporters were still angry about what they believe was a highly unfair process.  It is unclear what Trump’s plans are for the future. However, rumors are a new social media platform, a media company, and perhaps a new political organization.

Trump promised us that the ‘Best was yet to come”.  Many of Trump’s supporters will be ready to assist when the plan becomes more clear.

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