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Compliant Reporters Quietly Herded Away By Staffer After One Question Got Out At Biden-Harris Event

On Friday, the Biden campaign held a ceremony during which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris signed documents to get their names on November ballots for the Democratic ticket. “We’re going to make this official, official,” Biden told reporters.  But not completely as you’re about to find out.

New York Post reported, “media availability” for the event was “tightly controlled.” Naturally, the assembled reporters wanted to ask questions of the candidates. They didn’t come just to observe Biden and Harris quietly sign the documents laid out in front of them.

However, the press was only capable of getting in one question, which was directed to Harris.  When reporters began to ask more questions, they were instructed to go away. “Come on guys, let’s go,” a female staffer said a number of times. “Tightly controlled” is an understatement.

You might remember when another Democratic candidate for president roped off reporters at an outdoor event, because she had serious health concerns and the campaign didn’t want her pelted with questions when she could have a seizure.

It is almost surreal to watch the Democratic presidential ticket refrain from asking questions without any explanation why.


And the most amazing thing here, at least for me, is to watch how the press was in full compliance.  I don’t think I have ever seen a press conference with President Trump where some reporter didn’t ask a gotcha-designed question, or where a Jim Acosta type didn’t try to embarrass the president with a ‘Fake News’ question, but just like Hillary’s rope-off, the media people at this event didn’t go nuts about being ignored.

And when you watch Harris’ behavior it’s patently obvious that the silent treatment was a tactic that was planned out prior to the event.  When have you ever known Kamala Harris to not fight to get in front of a news camera to blurt out her progressive nonsense or hate speech against Trump?

The reporters simply took the staffer’s advice and shuffled away.  They didn’t shout out any additional questions.  It was as if they were in on it, but just because they are biased enough in favor of the Democratic candidates that they went along with it without being told ahead of time.  They just accommodated the situation and left the area without a sound.

Now you know how the media will report this election.

As president, Donald Trump has made himself more available to reporters than any past president, but even after spending a considerable amount of time putting up with Fake News questions and comments by many hateful activists who claim to be journalists, whenever he exists the stage they pepper him with rapid-fire questions until he’s no longer seen.

For Biden and running mate, the reporters were downright well-behaved.

In the Biden-Harris event reporters proved once and for all that they do know what manners are, and they performed them brilliantly.  What a contrast between that and how they treat our president.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ed Gonzales

    August 15, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    WTF are they hiding???????????

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