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Communist Chinese Party Media Tweets Possible Veiled Death Threat to Nigel Farage Over New Year’s Optimism

Nigel Farge, just days after celebrating “Brexit,” a massive victory for liberty lovers in Great Britain by separating his country’s economic sucess from the European Union (EU), has received what appears to be a veiled death threat from an account on Twitter that is owned by a top-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party and  a Washington DC-based, State-owned Media and Propaganda Mogul, Chen Weihua.

Farge posted a hopeful message to the world upon the economic liberation of many Britons:

Weihua, who appears to be acting as a foreign agent to promote China, identifies himself on Twitter: “China Daily EU Bureau Chief, columnist. Fmr DC, NY chief correspondent. Knight Fellow Stanford, WPI Fellow Macalester, Freedom Forum Fellow UH. VIEWS MY OWN!!!”

Farage, after days of celebrating BREXIT and celebrating Free Enterprise and Britain’s Economic Nationalism, tweeted about his next “big fight” in economic liberation, China:

“What a morning it is, Happy New Year. We are out! I can’t believe it. Someone just texted me and said, you were banging on about this back in 1987, so yes- it has been m lie’s work is to get us out of the European Union, and it has happened. I know it is not perfect and not great for Northern Ireland, and we will have to go on campaigning at those things. But overall it is for me personally a moment of great joy and our standing in the world will go up as a result of this and already we are seeing trade deals being signed all over the place, so Britans place in the world gives us something to be very optimistic about. And I am certin that in 5 years time, we will see how we have done compared to France, German and Italy and we will say to ourselves why didn’t we do it sooner?”
Watch the full video that triggered the Communist Party Media:

Weihua tweeted in response what can only be interpreted as a veiled death threat.
“This is like Mr. Farage standing in the middle of the railway trying to stop the incoming train. The result: He is crushed. BTW, Chinese bullet train runs much faster,” Weihua tweeted.

A bullet? Does that make sense? Why would a journalist, hosted in the United States of America for the Chinese Communist Party media, be so triggered by Farage’s comments supporting a free Britain economy?
BREXIT, also known as Britain is Existing the European Union, is a Nationalist movement to give Great Britain, a powerful, smart and hard-working country, equality and representation that many Britons felt were stolen from them the EU. Many Britons felt it was unfair to work hard and send the European Union funding for Marxist movements, which they simply did not feel represented them.

Isn’t that their right to want to keep what they earn, to want equal representation?

Consider that representation means to Britons, “an equal voice in the world”:

For Farage to set his sights on the CCP’s involvement in his country, receiving such a rebuke from a journalist in America is interesting. I will be following it.

Noteworthy is that Weihua also says mean things to US Senators:

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