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Comedian Bill Burr During Podcast Appearance Tells Why He Will Never Apologize To the ‘Professional Being Offended’ Group [VIDEO]

Bill Burr, one of my favorite comedians, is not known for buying into the while cancel culture thing or putting up with wokeness or political correctness, both of which are destroying our society. Just Google “Bill Bur Asians in restaurant” and you’ll know what I mean. And prepare to laugh because it’s one of his funniest bits. Burr, up to this point, has never apologized to the manufactured outrage mob.

Burr made an appearance on “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” podcast on Thursday and as asked by the host Stephen Gilchrist Glover, who is a star of the reality TV show Jackass, asked Burr, “Okay, I got a random question. I really thought about this because I’m genuinely curious if you’ve ever apologized for a joke?”

Burr said that he has apologized but not to the mob. “Yeah. But I do it to the individual that I hurt.”

Burr said, “If I told a joke about something that somebody had a personal effect to and I made them sad or made them cry” he would apologize to that individual if they were offended by a joke he told during one of his shows. He also said he would “refuse to apologize to anybody that is upset that they heard a joke at a show they weren’t at.”

There is a difference and I believe Burr has the right attitude. If you tell a joke at a specific individual’s expense, and that person lets you know they were offended, the decent thing to do would be to let them know you were only joking and you’re sorry you offended them. That’s called being a human being with empathy. You earned a living at their expense.

What the difference is for Burr is that he said he would not apologize to a complaint if it came from someone who was specifically looking for content to become outraged over.

The “F Is For Family,” star pointed out that in this day and age there are so many things online for entertainment that there’s a lot of content that will not make you angry, saying, “You saw the subject and you clicked on it. You had all of these of these other fu*king things.. they have like… they have videos of just dogs snoring that you could watch, and feel good about your day, but you went out of your way to fu*king watch this thing, it’s on you,” he offered.

“I am a big believer in if you are wrong, and you feel you’re wrong, you apologize,” he said, adding, “but I’m not a believer in the mob mentality and I’m now gonna apologize just to… cause it’s not worth it… because then all I do is give that strength that it’s okay to do that and then some other comic’s going to have to deal with it. So”


Burr refuses to apologize to the “professional being offended so you can move whatever cause because you feel that you can fix society, you know, with your ideas… I don’t get into that.”

Here’s a great video clip of three comedians, Ricky Gervais, Ron Bennington, and Jerry Seinfeld, on Gervais’s “Ricky Gervais Is Deadly Sirius,” where they talk about how comedians throughout time have always had a limit they can go before they anger the subject of their bits. Seinfeld also reveals he never said he won’t do college campuses anymore.


Bill Burr is a comedian who is known to make any subject, serious or not, very funny. I have not watched one of his specials yet where, of course, though I laughed throughout the entire thing, but I never watched one where I didn’t hear something that made me laugh so hard I had to catch my breath. If the outrage mob got their way, this great type of entertainment would be a thing of the past, and everyone would remain miserable all the time. Good for Bill Burr.

Here’s the whole interview of Bill Burr on “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” podcast.



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