Michael Cohen, the former fixer about to begin a three-year prison term, completed his renunciation of President Trump during an explosive congressional hearing Wednesday that left no room for reconciliation – calling his former boss a racist, testifying he was aware of an adviser’s talks with WikiLeaks about stolen Democratic emails during the 2016 campaign and alleging he oversaw an array of illicit schemes during the 10 years they worked together.

Micheal Cohen, one of Trump’s previous lawyers, is set to go to jail in March for three years on various finance felonies that have nothing to do with President Trump. Today Cohen is sitting before the House of Representatives to answer questions about his involvement with Trump and if he can implicate Trump in any impeachable offenses. Of course, he could not. He could not testify that Trump colluded with Russia and he could not prove that the payments to hush supposed lovers were with campaign finances. So all in all, this is just another hearing put on by the Democrats to try to make President Trump look bad in the eyes of the American people.

Some of Cohen’s statements were just character bashing of Trump and to make him look like a dangerous businessman.

“He is a racist. He is a conman. And he is a cheat,” Cohen testified, setting the tone for the hearing. After outlining numerous alleged misdeeds by Trump, Cohen expressed regret and repeated the refrain, “yet I continued to work for him.”

Cohen also said Trump had no intention on winning the election and that it was all about promoting his brand. Did Trump need to promote is brand? Trump is known all over the world. He is a billionaire.  And if Trump wasn’t trying to win, then why would he care about Hillary’s emails or colluding with Russia?

Some of the questions to Cohen were about the money he sent to two ladies who allegedly had affairs with Trump. But it is clear that the money paid to them wasn’t from campaign money. Therefore, who cares? It isn’t an impeachable offense. If anything, it just makes it look like he was trying to cover a story that might hurt his image. And Cohen admitted they paid many people to keep them from publishing false stories as well as ones that might be true. I’m sure many people do this to take advantage of rich people.

“Cohen outlined a slew of other alleged misdeeds by Trump, including lying about his total assets to reduce his taxes and even trying to strong-arm academic officials into keeping his SAT scores and grades secret. And he repeatedly accused Trump of racism.”

It’s interesting how the Democrats keep accusing President Trump of divisive behavior but don’t consider their behavior divisive at all.

All in all this hearing was another moment of theater to fulfill their agenda to plot the America people against their president.

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Source: Cohen lobs bombs at Trump during fiery hearing, stops short of collusion claim as GOP bashes credibility