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‘Code Monkey’ and ‘Inventor of Email’, Said to Be Assisting Trump with “Exposing” Dominion Voting Systems

A poster known by the screen name as ‘Code Monkey Z” and a man who says he invented Email, are assisting the legal team of President Donald J. Trump with highly technical data and insider information in their posts on Twitter, and Trump’s legal team is responding.

Ron, Code Monkeyz has been actively posting on Twitter and updated late Wednesday night/ Thursday morning that he had been sucessful.

We have no confirmation that President Trump is getting assistance from Code Monkey Z, but there is a high probability that he is. Trump posted late Wednesday Night/ Thursday Morning at 12:27 AM.

Sidney Powell is a high profile member of Trump’s team and retweeted Ron’s post on Thursday, calling the FBI’s attention to a post about election workers deleting voter data:

Ron is convinced that the technical data will show overwhelming evidence of cheating the voting system, and his focus is the Dominion Voting System software.

Code Monkey has been aligned with Dr. Shiva who is also a technical expert. Shiva has been posting and making videos exposing highly technical data that proves there were statistical errors in voting patterns.

Shiva had been posting about his findings, and was banned off of Twitter as requested by the Secretary of State for Massachusetts.



“Voting is an ultimate act of free speech. Our Constitution is under siege by enemies both foreign and domestic. We must remain all hands on deck to protect our first amendment rights at this moment of extreme vulnerability. Lets do our best,” Ron Posted.

According to his Twitter account, Ron describes himself as a “free speech absolutist | susucoin | former 8kun admin {resigned november 3, 2020}”

Using Twitter to contact lawmakers:

On Wednesday night Ron reached out to US Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio to led his technical expertise. Within an hour he reported that he was in contact with Jordan.

Is Code Monkey Z the source of information on QR codes and Sharpie Markers? Stories from voters with concerns of a stolen election, being given markers being used to destroy votes and Ballots having QR codes were floated early on election day, and were mocked and dismissed as conspiracy kookery, as the left often does to concerns Americans have.

Here is Ron talking about Markers and QR codes:

There is more coming:
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1 Comment

  1. Keith

    November 30, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    great work!!! I.m with you!

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