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Co-Founder of The Lincoln Project Accused By Multiple Young Men of Offering Young Jobs For Sex

A former strategist for three establishment neocons John McCain (R-AR), and John Kasich (barely R-OH), and George W. Bush (R-TX), John Weaver was celebrating on Thursday, taking to social media to declare “America is great again” after Congress officially certified Joe Biden’s electoral theft.  Weaver, a Never-Trump establishment RINO, is also a member of the Lincoln Project, a group of disaffected ‘Never Trump’ Republicans and neoconservatives who formed for one reason and one reason only; to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Inspired by Trump’s loss, and energized by the $67 million they raised during the election to get rid of Trump, the Lincoln Project began work on a database of soon-to-be former Trump staff and officials, with a view to holding them accountable for the rest of their professional lives.

Folks, Republicans do not do that sort of thing.  Democrats, socialists, Marxists, communists, are the ones who create lists to be used to harm people.  Republicans believe in little “r” God-given rights, not the get-evenism of the Left.  This just goes to show where these creeps in the Lincoln Project stand.  They are hateful tyrants who prefer an establishment that though Republicans would lose power, they would get rich with all the backroom deals made with the globalists at the expense of the working class who will once again see their jobs going overseas.  So, Weaver had a moment of jubilee.  But only a moment.

Weaver was soon confronted with some allegations found in his own dark closet.

Maybe I should start talking about one of the founding members of the Lincoln Project offering jobs to young men in exchange for sex, Ryan Girdusky, a Conservative pundit tweeted out on Saturday, adding, “his wife is probably interested.”

Girdusky continued saying he has been contacted by several men who claimed that they were groomed by the “Founding Member” of the Lincoln Project.   Girdusky at that point didn’t reveal more than that but said he had screenshots of messages the Lincoln Project member sent to one of the recipients.  YIKES!

A Twitter account under the name of Josh Price came out and named Weaver as the creep in question.  Price has since locked his Twitter account.  He was followed by another liberal pundit, who claimed Weaver sent him pushy and flirty messages as well.

After Donald Trump Jr. retweeted their accusations, journalist Scott Stedman reacted to Girdusky’s tweet thread, confirming that he too was contacted by Weaver.  Stedman said he followed Weaver on Twitter starting in 2017, and the two would chat sometimes about politics.  Stedman said Weaveroffered him some sort of ‘joint venture’ which I wasn’t interested in, before the strategist “proceeded to tell me how ‘hot’I looked and commented on my profile picture and my hair.”  DOUBLE YIKES!

“He started calling me ‘my boy,’” Stedman said. “I found it deeply uncomfortable.”

Stedman said that, since posting about what happened, he’s “gotten multiple DMs of people telling me they experienced this (and worse).” Some, he said, are “afraid to say anything.”  That’s what leftists are all about.  They do whatever they want and they know they can use their power to keep people silent.

These kinds of accusations are nothing new.  They first started coming to come out last summer during the time Weaver had a heart attack and had to slow down his work with the hateful Lincoln Project.

Weaver has still not weighed in the allegations as of this writing on Sunday afternoon.  He hasn’t even issued a denial.

The Lincoln Project’s celebrations are really for naught, because despite the fact that they raised $67 million to convince Republican voters to drop their support for Trump, the president got more votes than any past president running for reelection, which means their whole project was a big old good egg failure.  But neocons are used to failure, so they should feel right at home.

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