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CNN’s Dana Bash Puts Schiff on the Hot Seat Over Refusal to Release Alleged Evidence Against Trump and Failure to Allow Witnesses That Contradict the Panel

Schiff was spinning more than a brand new tape.

The only thing I can figure is that Dana Bash forgot where she is or she is trying to avoid the same fate as Brian Stelton, but either way, she behaved like a true journalist. Bash went right after Schiff and asked him why no witnesses that contradict the unconstitutional J6 committee, are shown on the public broadcasts. Of course, Schiff failed to reply. Bash continued to press him on the subject.

Bash asked:

“You’ve been critical of the Justice Department for moving slowly. If you’ve done so much work, why not help them out?”

Schiff replied:

“Well, you know, we certainly will help them. We want them to particularize what they’re asking for and it’s our intention when we conclude the investigation to make public our findings in great detail. But, you know, we have a job to do as well. We’re doing that. And we’re doing this consistent with how the — our branch of government has operated and executive branch has operated.”

Bash then asked Reid:

Schiff spun:

“No. I mean, we are interviewing, frankly, anyone that has relevant evidence. We’re putting that relevant evidence before the public and we’re doing it in a way that is the most cohesive and that we can get across the salient points to the public.”

From The Daily Wire

CNN anchor Dana Bash grilled January 6th Committee member and Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) during a Sunday morning interview, asking him directly why the committee had not publicly interviewed any witnesses who might “challenge” the narrative.

Bash spoke to Schiff about the ongoing public committee hearings on “State of the Union,” pressing him several times — to no avail — to reveal the evidence he claimed to have that former President Donald Trump had been involved in plans to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Bash pressed Schiff on what might come next if such evidence should come to light, asking, “Have you seen evidence that the Justice Department has already opened an investigation into the former president?”“I have not seen, for example, grand juries convene in places they would be convened,” 

Steven Ahle
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