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CNN Wants To Know Why Fox News Is Allowed In the White House Press Pool Along With ‘Real Journalists’ [VIDEO]

The people over at CNN have an unhealthy obsession with Fox News. I personally think it’s jealousy. Fox has better looking sets, better looking hosts, much better ratings.

Whatever the reasoning, CNN is constantly complaining and dissing Fox News, specifically Tucker Carlson, but they also attack other hosts at Fox.

Brian Stelter and his mini-me water boy Oliver Darcy, get paid to insult Fox. What used to be amusing, but now is just pathetic, is that the things Stelter says about Fox News hosts are like the perfect projection of himself and his colleagues at CNN. The lack of self-awareness is stunning.

So, Don Lemon, who has some serious personal issues, brought Brian Stelter and S.E. Cupp onto his nightly show to gripe about why Fox News is allowed to be in the White House press room.

I think it’s because they see Fox’s Peter Doocy asking White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki serious questions while the rest of the press pool lob softballs at her, and it’s making Doocy famous. People want real journalism questions asked of the mouthpiece of the Biden administration and so far, with very few exceptions, Doocy is the only one asking hard questions with follow-ups. So, the jealousy factor hits and now we have three idiots doing a segment on why Fox is even allowed near the White House.

“Why does Jen Psaki continue to call on Fox in the briefing room?” Lemon asked Cupp while praising the White House for being “very courteous and kind” toward Fox.

S.E. Cupp used to work for Glenn Beck’s network, “The Blaze,” and while there she showed that she can do real stories the way a journalist is supposed to. I don’t know what’s happened to her since she joined CNN, but she has gone full left-wing-biased like the other hosts, contributors, and water boys. It’s depressing to see how she lowered herself into the pit of CNN doom.

Lemon then demanded to know why Fox News should even get to be in the same room as real reporters. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is a real reporter on the air at CNN and that includes the recently ousted Chris Cuomo, who, believe it or not, was their nightly star.

“If your network is promoting B.S. and lies about what is actually happening in the country and helping to inspire and incite an insurrection, why should they even be able to take part in a legitimate press briefing and legitimate journalism?” he asked.

There’s a lot of dissect in that statement. CNN is nothing but a BS spreading network that lies about nearly every issue that comes along. Every nightly host, and Stelter, lied to their audiences every day for over two years about Trump-Russian collusion. They brought guests on who they knew were lying. And they never apologized to America.

CNN became Trump Hater Central, where every story was about Trump. If a story came along about mutant algae being discovered in outer space that could kill human beings if it ever entered our atmosphere, CNN hosts would jump on it somehow immediately blame Trump.

Cupp agreed with Lemon’s accusations, but did anyone really believe she wouldn’t go with the script?

“Yeah, it’s so tough. There are reporters still at Fox — very few and very few getting air time and the last good one left the building,” she said, referring to Chris Wallace’s leaving Fox for a new gig at CNN.

Chris Wallace was as biased as S.E. Cupp and the other two dopes doing the segment. He intentionally attacked Trump when he moderated a debate between Trump and Joe Biden. Wallace made it the single most biased presidential debate in presidential history. He lobbed softball questions at Biden and spewing angry vitriol at Trump. Wallace made up facts to help Biden and harm Trump. This is the man Cupp believes was a good journalist.

“The problem with any good reporters left at Fox is that the prime time people contradict everything they say,” she continued. “So you can report something like ‘COVID is real’ or ‘the election wasn’t stolen,’ but it’s just going to be contradicted in prime time. And that just makes you wonder what else are you being told as a Fox viewer that these people don’t even believe in?”

That’s because, unlike at CNN, Fox News has two different parts of television. They have the news side with people like Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, and John Roberts. Fox also has an opinion side with hosts like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. One side has nothing to do with the other. CNN, on the other hand, has nothing but opinion hosts that the network calls news anchors.

As for Cupp’s asinine examples, no one on either side of Fox News has ever said that COVID is not real. That’s a lie and a fabrication spread by CNN. The rest of her statement the same kind of nonsense.

Lemon asked Humpty Dumpty Stelter why the White House allows “Fox to pretend in the briefing room like they’re a real news organization?”

I can’t be the only one who is shaking his head at this point. CNN clowns are saying Fox News (Peter Doocy) is “pretending” to a be a real news organization.

I think they are doing this because the owner of CNN recently said he wants real reporters to replace what’s there now. I think Lemon, Stelter, Cupp and the rest of the herd there are afraid of losing their jobs and so they think if they project their problems onto Fox News they will create a perception that they are worthy of keeping their jobs. It’s pathetic, but we are talking about CNN.


Stelter said that Fox “leans so far from reality that it’s imperiled the country.” This from a man who makes up the news to fit his leftist narratives.

Lemon added, “It’s obvious they don’t care about the truth.” CNN hasn’t cared about the truth in a very long time.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has nailed CNN executives and others in undercover reporting where they admit they make things up. A CNN director admitted that the network engaged in propaganda to get rid of Trump.


Or how about CNN’s Jamie Gangel, who told how the network should cover up Trump’s contested election claims?


No matter what way you slice it, CNN is jealous of Fox News’s success. CNN used to be a reliable news source, but over the years they went left wing and then when Donald Trump came along they gave up any pretense of being a news outlet. They became the Trump network where every story was about Trump, and they told so many lies that their ratings are now suffering. They wonder how Fox can be considered a real news agency when Fox destroys them in the ratings every night.


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