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It’s Official: CNN+ Streaming Service Lasted Slightly Longer Than the Average Lifespan of a Fruit Fly

CNN, the most untrusted name in news, is just having a really bad year. From all the firings and resignations and lawsuits, etc., you have to wonder if they can ever get out of the rut they’re currently in.

Some came up with the bright idea of creating a CNN pay service called CNN+ where viewers would pay to watch. It was kinda like Fox Nation and Fox Originals, but with CNN. As soon as I heard about it, I chuckled to myself, thinking if they can’t get anyone to watch the free network, what sort of madness caused them to believe people would actually pay for it?

And I was right. Less than one month after CNN+ launched it became CNN- because the failing network shut it down in a remarkable crash and burn for a new venture that lured news stars like the former Fox News host Chris Wallace, Eva Longoria, and Alison Roman.

The dopes at CNN thought once a week of Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources (the most misnamed cable news show in the business) just wasn’t enough and so they added a Reliable Sources Daily.  HA!

The idea behind the streaming service was t0 appeal to a new generation of consumers, but there wasn’t enough consuming going on to keep the lights on.

CNN+ launched on March 29, 23 days from this writing, right before Warner Brothers Discovery took over as their corporate overlords and right away they said publicly that the streaming service was a really bad idea. CNN+ will be completely shut down by the end of this month.

Network executives said that some of the CNN+ employees will be brought into the cable network and website, but they also promised there will be layoffs. Andrew Morse, the Executive Vice President of CNN US, head of CNN+, and General Manager of CNN Digital Worldwide, is leaving the company.

During a town hall on Thursday, executives said that CNN+’s inability to air live breaking news was a crucial failing. Due to contracts with cable and satellite companies the streaming service wasn’t able to stream the CNN television network.

“It’s a little bit like The New York Times subscription without The New York Times,” said the head of Discovery’s streaming services, J.B. Perrette.

Is it just me or do you also think CNN is being run by a bunch of morons?

Perrette said Discovery learned a lesson from trying to launch its own news service in Poland. He said after seeing the experiences of other paid streaming services in the United States like Fox Nation; they knew that CNN+ could never get near one million subscribers. Unlike CNN+, which was charging customers $5.99 a month, broadcast networks like ABC, CBS and NBC offer free news-streaming services.

“Those are the facts,” Perrette said. “We’ve learned from painful history, financially costly history.”

Perrette said that if the company is going to head in a different direction than CNN+, “we can’t let it go on one second more than it needs to.”

Chris Wallace, a disgrace from Fox News, was supposed to host CNN+’s flagship show that would be a daily interview show. He left his gig as the host of Fox News Sunday. What a dope!

It goes to show how much Wallace didn’t belong at Fox. He joined a network that attacked his Fox colleagues nearly every week.

I’m just waiting for the entire CNN network to collapse. I think the only reason they get any ratings at all is because of airports playing their channel every day and dead people who were watching the channel and no one noticed them gone yet. Otherwise, who in their right mind would tune in to CNN?

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