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CNN Reporter Says It’s Not Looking So Good For Biden in Pennsylvania After Speaking to Voters

Joe Biden made a huge mistake during the final debate, admitting that he wanted to do away with the oil industry, or fossil fuels as he put it.  President Donald Trump immediately hammered Biden’s remarks and prior comments Biden made about doing away with fracking and the oil industry altogether to further prove the point that Biden is a threat not only to energy states but the whole country that relies on the oil industry.

From Townhall:

“I want to begin today by discussing an issue of existential importance to Pennsylvania. Very, very important. Last week Sleepy Joe Biden made perhaps the most shocking statement ever uttered in the history of presidential debates. In other words, he blew it,” Trump said. “Joe Biden confirmed his plan to abolish the entire U.S. oil industry. That means no fracking, no jobs, no energy for Pennsylvania families, Texas, all the others.”

He continued: “The Biden energy shutdown would inflict deep pain and misery on Pennsylvania. Mass layoffs, constant black outs and brown outs, soaring gas prices. It’s nice to have that $2 gasoline isn’t it? Surging energy bills, no air conditioning during the summer, no heat during the winter and no electricity during peak hours.”

And don’t forget who makes out if Biden shuts down our oil industry: Iran and Russia.

I live in Pennsylvania so I can see how are people are taking in our state, especially in western Pennsylvania where energy is such a critical part of our economy.  Fracking has revived the economy in parts of the state that was destroyed under the Obama-Biden administration.  The Obama administration first attacked the coal industry and put thousands of families out of work in states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Don’t forget that in 2016 Hillary Clinton promised to put coal miners out of work and it cost her votes.

Americans who work in the fossil fuel industry are real people with real families who have mortgages and utility bills, children to feed, and lives to live, and Democrats are constantly trying to find a way to screw all of that up for millions of those people throughout the country.  It means nothing to Democrat politicians, because they trade the fossil fuel jobs for votes by wacko watermelons who want 100 percent green technology even though it’s not quite there yet.  I call them watermelons because they are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside.  Climate change and all the other gobbledygook nonsense the Left throws at us every four years is nothing more than a socialist scheme to be able to raise taxes and force more government control over people’s lives, and they do it in the name of protecting the environment by lying to you with claims that carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas, and that we only have 12 more years to live, even though the last 12 years they told us we had to live already came and went and we’re still here.

Polls are up for Biden in the keystone state, but no one really believes it.  The mainstream pollsters have been lying about the polls for decades now and they are usually wrong.  Amazingly, CNN was the one that reported how things aren’t looking so great for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania since he made those comments in the last presidential debate, and it didn’t get any better when he lied about saying he never said he was going to ban fracking when there are over a dozen instances on video where he did.  In  one case he got right down to a young woman in the crowd and said look me in the eye and told her there will be no more fossil fuel industry if he gets elected.

How colossally stupid is it to tell millions of people who work in the fossil fuel industry that you’re going to take away their livelihood, but you want them to vote for you, so that you can do it?  I’ll tell you.  It’s colossally stupid.

CNN reporter Vanessa Yurkeyvich talked to some people in a Pennsylvania town that works in the fracking industry.


a senior project manager at a contracting company, Emanuel Paris, told Yurkeyvich that President Trump has a “clear perspective on keeping fracking going with minimal regulations” while he saw Biden went “gone back and forth on what he wants to do.”  That’s because Biden tells one crowd one thing and another to the next crowd, not realizing we have the Internet where both sides can see what he said to both sides.  Again, colossally stupid on Biden’s part.

The CNN reporter also talked to Sharlo Tkalcevic, a bar and grill proprietor in the area, who reminded her that first they had to face the pandemic, and now the threat of losing their industry, thus, their livelihood. “It’s almost like a domino effect and it could just be disastrous in my eyes,” she said.

Yurkeyvich said the majority of people she spoke to had the same perspectives on what will happen to their lives and the lives of their families based on how they vote, so they are voting for President Donald Trump, because he stands for the working men and women of folks like those in western Pennsylvania and other states heavy in the fossil fuel industry.

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