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CNN Guest’s Appearance Goes Viral as He Delivers Hysterical Rant on the Need to Control Unfettered Free Speech

There has been much screeching and gnashing of teeth ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, which promised to make it a free speech zone. The leftists believe the First Amendment is a dirty word and since they can’t open reeducation camps, they use social media websites to indoctrinate the population. A guest on CNN (Where else) went into a rant against Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Journalist and author David Zurawik appeared on Sunday’s broadcast of “Reliable Sources,” hosted by Brian (The Liar) Stelter naturally. he went on a long rant and should see a shrink or maybe a grief counselor.

Zurawik said:

“When we focus on the personality of people like Elon Musk there’s a bigger problem about how we are going to control the channels of communication in this country. In 1927, we had the Radio Act. In 1934, the Communications Act. Congress stepped in; we made rules.”

“We gave over our what amounts to our airwaves, or our internet waves, to Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, and we are in so much trouble. Because those guys believe in making money. We’ve already seen that with the 2016 election and Zuckerberg when he was taking rubles for ads from Russia and saying, ‘Oh I think it’s crazy to think that they had any influence on this election.'”

“This is dangerous!” he shouted. “We can’t think any more in this country — we don’t have people  in Congress who can make regulations that can make it work. I think we can look to the Western countries in Europe for how they are trying to limit it, but you need — you need — controls on this. You need regulation. You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country or we are headed to hell. We are there. Trump opened the gates of hell and now they’re chasing us down.”

It’s funny to me how selective liberals are. He tells us we must look to Europe for an answer to do away with free speech. The UN claims that there are 44 countries in Europe,m but JHohnny Ward, w2ho has now been to every country in the world claims there are 49. Of those 49 countries, 48 have voter ID laws to protect the integrity of their elections. The n49th country is Great Britain and they have a voter ID law working its way through Parliament.

Yeah, let’s look to Europe.


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