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CNN+ Collapse Managed to Get Even More Embarrassing

I have to admit that it was fun to write a story about the CNN+ disaster last month because it’s always great to see sanctimonious loud mouth leftists get embarrassed like that. I can’t help it. I’m that kinda guy.

With that said, I didn’t think it was possible for their situation to get any worse for them, but guess what? It just got worse.

CNN+ was the failing cable news network’s streaming service that charged viewers $6 per month and lasted only slightly longer than the average age of a fruit fly. The new streaming service launched on March 29 and they were saying their farewells by April 28, a mere month later. The network allegedly spent about $300 million on the launch of the Titanic of cable news networks. It’s been reported that they also spent up to $200 million to promote the new streaming service. For all that money, they only got between 5,000 and 10,000 viewers a day. They didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt.

Honestly, even MSNBC, the conspiracy network, is laughing at them.

Last month, the Washington Post, where democracy dies in their darkness, reported, “CNN Plus hired about 700 people for its launch,” and then added, “A person at the network said that 350 people will be affected by layoffs, though the company expects many of those employees to find new roles at the company, absorbed back into CNN or into open jobs at Discovery-owned networks such as the HBO Max streaming service.”

A CNN+ employee who was there for a few months told Insider about what it was like to be fired by the company, saying, “I remember texting my roommates and telling them I was getting fired. Everyone was utterly shocked.”

To show how disorganized CNN is, about a week after the employees were let go, they received “welcome baskets” at their homes from CNN+ as reported by the Wall Street Journal. It was reported that inside the baskets were items like headphones, CNN brand pens, food containers and such.

On top of that, the welcome note in the basket read, “This is an incredible time to be part of CNN. Build relationships and take time to connect with colleagues and learn so that you make the most of your time here.”

Yikes! Talk about rubbing it in your face.

CNN told the Journal that shipping the welcome baskets was a mistake.

How would you like to be let go from your job in under a month because the money wasn’t there to keep the network alive and then hear about an extravagant “Political Hangover” brunch party held at AutoShop, a former body shop converted into a lofty event space in DC’s Union Market district to close out White House Correspondents’ weekend?

The Hill reported that one employee told The Hill, “The hangover brunch lived up to its name with a bloody Mary station, as well as an Aperol Spritz bar and a coffee bar that served lattes decked out with the CNN logo.”

One former CNN employee was angry when telling Radar Online, “Here they are spending gobs of money on a ‘hangover’ brunch to close out WHCD weekend. Management is tone deaf. Then again, frugal spending isn’t really their forte,” adding, “It’s nuts. The network never ceases to amaze, doesn’t it?”

The top names of CNN attended, including Abilio Jim Acosta, Dana Bash, Álvarez, Daniella Díaz, Don Lemon, Melissa Macaya, Jake Tapper, Maegan Vázquez, Melanie Zanona. Collectively, they all sound like a half-wit gave them an idea, and they just held onto it.

What’s happening to CNN is what happens when a news network was run by a man who had a hate on for a president and made every show about trashing him. Jeff Zucker, now former media executive, destroyed the CNN network by having his reporters focus mainly on attacking former President Donald Trump 24/7. He tilted CNN so far off its mission by focusing only on Trump that when Trump left office, they had no idea what to report. So they started stepping up their attacks on Fox News. Nobody tunes into a news network to watch that kind of stuff as is evidenced by CNN’s sinking ratings.

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