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CNN BUSTED: Covered NYC Sweet 16 Party “Super-Spreader event” to ignore Hunter Biden’s Burisma Connections, in October- Veritas Calls

Project Veritas released undercover footage of phone call conversation from October 14, 2020, with CNN employees, on their daily call to “spitball” ideas for covering the news and also for them take direction from the “Big CNN Boss,” Jeff Zucker on how to push their coverage to harm President Donald J. Trump. The call was just days before the Presidential election, and in some states where voting had already begun.

“We really want to cover that Sweet 16 Birthday Party in Long Island, that is a super spreader event, and very dangerous,” one CNN employee is heard saying.

The focus of the call that day was how to assist Biden by covering up a story critical of Hunter Biden that had been released at the time showing his ties to a company called Burisma, which would be critical of his father’s Presidental run. The discussion on the calls was how to put the weight of the news company behind a story of a sweet 16 Birthday Party in New York that they would tell people was a “super spreader event.”

Zucker said, “guidance right now is to not do anything” about the Laptop story.  “Just because Fox news, reporters, the Presidential team, and others talk about it doesn’t mean it is a real story.  We need to have a proper vetting. Zucker said it is “bullshit things they have asked people to investigate”,   and he was very annoyed about unmasking and about how Trump said that Obama had done anything wrong.

Zucker was determined that day to tell the group that they weren’t ignoring Hunter Biden’s story, adding his spin saying,  they were talking about Hunter’s story by talking about how Trump lied about Obama in prior statements about unmasking Obama.  His idea was that no one could believe anything anyone said about Hunter because they all lied about the unmasking of people under Obama.

One director, talking about their tactics to cover up the Biden story, wanted to make the group feel better about ignoring the Burisma story, said, “This story would have had a different life without COVID and Trump, Biden would have been batting away at this in other times”. 

Topics the group said they would cover were all designed to hide the Burisma story that had been in the news that day because clearly, it was not good for their candidate, Democrat Joe Biden.

On the CNN call from October 14, 2020, the group was focused on stories that would cause doubt and fear, discredit Trump, and shame people for considering any other reports they may have heard about Burisma. 

The different show directors broke down what was going to be on their show and pitched their ideas to Zucker’s watchful ears- what was remarkable about the long boring audiotape was the recycling of the narratives about the pandemic, each show talking about instilling fear, with the same guests and storylines. 

Zucker told the group that they should be talking about praising the interview Wolf Blitzer had with Nancy Pelosi had the night before on the 13th,  asking why there were such long lines to vote and how to scare people about standing in ling, asking why they would be giving up time with family, and how it was dangerous. 

To instill their idea, one director said they were bringing in the head of AARP to talk about the dangers of standing in line. Then Zucker demanded that each show had what he called a “mash-up Trump,”  including footage that people could use to discredit Trump on other statements by Trump that  Zucker disagreed with Trump on, mostly things that were critical of former President Barack Obama.  

Zucker clearly thought that discrediting Trump over Obama’s statements would be helpful to Biden. 

Joyfully, one director gave Zucker a report from the “health team” excitedly he talked about the spread of COVID, the increase in hospital usage and told the group that they were reporting Trump’s call for”herd immunity was mass murder.” Happily, he prattled off about increases in restrictions discussing every way how to scare people and show the CDC is a positive light,  saying he was creating a dramatic story and “putting a face on the suffering.” 

Another director talked about “20 days before the election, dueling town halls” and highlighting Dr. Fauchi’s talking points about mass.  And there was an interesting discussion about Obama, pushing Democrat, the group creating talking points about who Obama can reach for Biden. 

Zucker was determined to tell the group that they weren’t ignoring Hunter Biden’s story; they talked about Hunter’s story by talking about how Trump lied about Obama.  “This story would have had a different life without COVID and Trump; he would have been batting away at this at other times.” 

Zucker was angry when he referred to anyone paying attention to the stories about Hunter Biden and said, “Haberman retweeting Burisma? That should not happen.”  At the time, Maggie Haberman had retweeted a link to a story that involved Hunter Biden and Burisma, and the news of her retweet went viral. 

It is clear that CNN was trying to burry the stories that would not help Joe Biden. 

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