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CNN Angry Over CRT, Shout ‘mis-Information’ And Blame The GOP

What? lol

We have a lot to unpack here and where I hate to give the creatures at CNN oxygen, they’re still influencing liberals and filling their heads with lies.

So I feel it’s our duty to expose them. Newsroom host Erica Hill welcomed comedian and documentarian W. Kamau Bell onto the Thursday program to discuss the latest season of the network’s United Shades of America.

The pair went on to talk about alleged misinformation surrounding Critical Race Theory—Because the left is still trying to push that nonsense.

This time the spin the two came up with was that parents and the GOP don’t want race-baiting topics in the classroom because it teaches the ‘truth about America.’

Hill introduced a preview clip of the series, “Oh, you know the buzzwords, woke culture, Critical Race Theory. They have been frequent targets of the Republican Party and in the all-new season of CNN’s United Shades of America, W. Kamau Bell isn’t shying away from the controversial issues.”

The pair referred to CRT indoctrination as teaching ‘kids a more accurate history of America’. The curriculum doesn’t teach about how the US has grown nor really anything positive so naturally, parents don’t want to create a generation driven by race who hate their own country, but that’s not how these two see it.

Bell went on to blame the GOP for the failed CRT push, “Yeah, I mean, the GOP in this country has done a great job of confusing what’s important in this country and I think a lot of the leadership of that party has begun out of its way to conflate, to use buzz words, and scary things like woke and CRT when really what they don’t want to do as that woman said is teach an accurate rendition of history to our kids.”

As if parents didn’t come to their own conclusion…


There is this toxic narrative on the left where everything is racist and you’re a racist if you don’t agree. Ironically, no one seems to care about race but the left is never satisfied unless they can find some hill to die on.

Just look at how quickly these two labeled anyone anti-CRT as racists denying the past.

Erica Carlin
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