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Clinesmith, In Order to Save Himself, Has Implicated Others on Crossfire Hurricane — Who Ultimately Hid the Exculpatory Info From the FISA Court?

It appears that Kevin Clinesmith’s guilty plea was part of a plea bargain, where implicated others who were as crooked as he was.

Clinesmith changed an email that said that Carter POage had worked with the CIA in order to arrest and jail Russians. Clinesmith then altered it to read that he had not worked with the CIA.

Clinesmith claims that he gave the FBI the unaltered email before he provided the fake. According to Durham’s charging document (and also in IG Horowitz’s report), “certain individuals” on the Crossfire Hurricane team. It specifically says ‘individuals.’

So who are the others who knew the truth but hid it? This must be why Clinesmith was reduced to just one charge.

Hopefully, more people will refuse to fall on their sword.

Despite knowing that Carter Page was an intelligence asset, no one gave that information to the FISA court.

We already know there were many bits of information that the FBI and DOJ hid from the FISA Court.

What else don’t we know about yet?



Clinesmith will be charged with just one count of making a false statement. But if he turned state’s evidence and named names and possibly supplied evidence of what he claimed, it would not seem as light.

His prosecution was a slam dunk, so it seems highly unlikely they would cut a deal for a guilty plea. That is reserved for cases that are much harder to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Bill Barr was on Hannity last night and said there would be breaking news today. But he also said there was more coming and that Durham is not working on a time schedule.

Democrats and their loyal pundits have been claiming that anything not released by Sept 4th could not be revealed until after the November election.

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