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Cleaver Ends Prayer With “Amen” and “Awoman” Before 117th Congress

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) concluded his prayer to opening the 117th Congress by saying “amen and a woman” on Sunday. Cleaver chose this ending to better comply with a committee’s decision to eliminate all gendered words from use in the house and to favor gender-neutral terms.

Cleaver’s unconventional and – quite frankly – ridiculous ending sparked a frenzy on social media, with some supporting the congressman for his word choice, while others claimed his word choice introduced a whole new meaning to the word “stupidity.”

Which of course, it is.

“Amen” is a word that means “so be it,” and is used in prayers as a closing remark to ask for the contents of a believer’s prayer to be accomplished (in Jesus’ name, so be it).

This isn’t rocket-science. Amen is even used in common speech by people who are not dedicated Christians when they agree with something in general. The average person should at least have a general sense of what “amen” means. It has no gender significance whatsoever despite its spelling.

I would suspect the congressman knew this as well, but because he chose to focus more on advancing an agenda than adhering to common sense, he chose to end his prayer in a fashion both comical and disheartening.

Cleaver did this in an attempt to continue to push a politically-correct agenda that wants to radically redefine gender, one of the most basic characteristics of our identities as humans.

Additionally, Cleaver’s prayer attacked one of the most sacred aspects of the Christian faith. Professing Christians should not use prayer as a way to support an agenda that hates God’s creation of the genders. But Cleaver’s use of words further blurs the line for everyone watching his statement about what Christians believe about gender and prayer.

Prayer is not something to be trifled with, much less on the national stage in front of millions of viewers. Cleaver’s prayer is the latest attack of the left on Christianity and must be counteracted with true prayer form Christians across the country.

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